Thursday, May 6, 2010

Food Post

So Its 12:30 In the Morning...I jus finished eating a little snack..(KFC)lol..and of course as soon as I turn on the computer..I see a Food Topic...
"The Worst "Healthy" Foods in America tho, I cant even imagine, the foods I deem "Healthy" are really not...1st things 1st...My Beloved Turkey Burger..

Worst “Healthy” Burger
Ruby Tuesday Avocado Turkey Burger
1,234 calories
81 g fat
2,961 mg sodium

Turkey often has an undeserved health food reputation. Take turkey bacon, for instance: Most people believe a strip of turkey bacon is better for you than the pork equivalent. But most people are wrong; both strips are roughly 35 calories, and turkey bacon usually comes with more sodium than the oinking variety. (That's why you MUST check labels and use any other tools and guides at your disposal.) Remember this the next time you’re aching for a juicy burger, but want to keep it healthy: Turkey burgers are often just as bad, if not worse, than regular burgers. When at Ruby Tuesday, skip the burgers altogether and order the Cowboy Sirloin for your protein fix instead.

Now if thats not Bad...What about My Other Fav...Pasta..smh... And it happens to be the Number 1 Worst healthy Food In America...Im Going Down if I think this is a healthy diet

: The Worst “Healthy” Food in America
Cheesecake Factory Bistro Shrimp Pasta
2,819 calories
77 g saturated fat (Yes, four days' worth!)
1,008 mg sodium

It’s hard to say what’s the most shocking part of this dish—the fact that it has nearly one and a half times your daily caloric allotment, or the fact that it somehow manages to keep the sodium count at a reasonable level, in spite of its monstrous proportions. This is the absolute worst dish on the worst menu in America, no small feat considering that it’s surrounded by other plates that surge past the 2,000-calorie limit. Forget the fact that it has shrimp in it. There is nothing nutritionally redeeming about this platter.

And Last But Not Least...My Favorite "Fast Food" Chicken Sandwich...The Tender Crisp from BK..boy oh boy...I might as well go Vegan..

Don't let trifling terms like "tender" distract you from more telling terms like "crisp," which is a fast-food euphemism for deep-fried. Not even the Whopper with cheese has this many calories. You're much safer off with the chicken tenders (8 pieces) with BBQ sauce. These are some of the lowest-calories fried chicken pieces in the treacherous world of fried food. Their only decent rivals are the nuggets at Chick-fil-A.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hip Hop Karaoke ..

The Jayhummy Team is in the Building at the Hip Hop Karaoke...Meet us there Thursday April 29th SkyBox Lounge..I Might just have to show yall how much I love Hip

FREE ENTRY...Signup @ 9pm....Show Starts @10pm..Performers get a Free Drink..=}

Special Guest Naughty By Nature

Friday, April 23, 2010

Rhi-Rhi Falls on Stage

I Love Me some Rhi-Rhi...but Damnn...That head definitely got in the way of this

Skyy High f/ Ru Spits Big Butts

Big Shout to My Irvington Gzzz..Skyy High feat Ru Spits..

When In doubt..Steal a

So Miss Lindsay Lohan is keeping herself busy in the tabloids...Not about her acting, or this pic thats makes me thinks she's doing drugs..but she managed to pull a Winona Ryder and steal a $35,000 Rolex watch..

According to a Source, One of Lindsay's Friends left the watch at her house by accident, and it was never returned...(Well I mean, could you blame her)..but not to mention, the "friend's" careless acts..Like its not a $35,000 Watch...So anyway shes accusing Lindsay of keeping the Rolex or knows where it is instead of getting off her lazy a** to get her watch back herself....

Of course Miss Lohans' Lawyer have denied the whole incident, but Im sure "friend" learned a $35,000 lesson..

Big Ooh...Right or Wrong

I added this video b/c I f*cks wit Ooh heavy..not to mention my Fellow Jahyummy member directed the video...Big Shout to Dre and Ooh...Make sure you keep up with all of their moves..

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Moment with Ericka Pressley..

I think about my Blog, and I question the real purpose of it...I do post things that interest me, But thinking about the "promotional" aspect, I tend to put the reader first and not comment as much.. of now..My blog will be based around my thoughts both positive and negative about Whatever Topic, Fashion Get up, Designer, whatever I


I recorded my show today..Of course it aired 30 min later than expected, not completely my fault, but i didnt complain one wasnt too nervous, because a lot of other things were on my mind, but everything was coming from within,I wanted to base the show off my Personality, and how well I can connect with the audience. I wanted to get comfortable in front of the camera, to make it feel like a natural process. I was too pleased with the outcome..My guest performers "Narrow Way" set the tone for the show in a way that cant be matched or compared. I look forward to it every week and I appreciate My Swat and Jahyummy Family for believing in me to encourage the Ericka P Show..=} DJ Smoke To Be Exact...=} but Im Here..We Here..Only can Go Up with the Stuff We are Working With..

Im Being Constructive with my time..I Need to finish Reading...Good Night Luvs..More Personal Blog Posts Coming Soon...=}

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Featured Model...Ms. Rosa Acosta

Started her classic ballet studies at the age of four at the Centro de la Cultura in Santiago, Dominican Republic. She later moved on to the ICA, ( Instituto de Cultura y Arte), where she excelled as one of the most gifted students of the academy. After graduating with honors from the ICA and the Ballet School of Norma Garcia with a Bachelor in Art with mention to Classic Ballet, she became part of the Dominican Nacional Ballet as the youngest soloist member in 2002. Partaking in all major classic and modern shows in the Dominican Republic, she is nominated twice by the Secretaria de Estado de la Juventud for her work in the category of Cultural Development. She initiated her modeling career in 2004, participating in magazines and television for prestigious Dominican enterprises. Rosa moves to United States in 2006 where her career takes a new turn, distinguishing herself in several areas of the modeling world, featuring in magazines, radio, tv programs and commercials and numerous music videos.

Rosa Acosta
Modelmayhem id#171468
Onemodelplace id#245699

Pretty Accessory Report

Clear studded clutch

Tom Binns
Crystal-encrusted bracelet.

Janis by Janis Savitt
Gold-plated chain necklace with emerald-cut crystals.

Coco Country handbag.

Eddie Borgo
Quartz Cone bracelet.

Camilla Skovgaard
Collar sandal.

Roberto Cavalli
Metallic sandal with detachable chain ankle strap.

Louis Vuitton
Monogram Cheche duffel GM

The Fall 2010 Must Haves

#1. flares

The nineties are having a moment, which means that leg-elongating flares were back on the runways. Balmain's Christophe Decarnin may be known for his thigh-baring minidresses, but these boot-cut trousers prove he's no slouch in the pants department, either

#2. something velvet

Tactile, touch-me fabrics were big for Fall, none more so than velvet. Up-and-comer Joseph Altuzarra went with red and cut it into lean, mean pantsuits and coat-dresses one part power woman, the other part femme fatale.

#3. a camel coat

Beige, boring? Not since Phoebe Philo landed back on the scene last year. Taking cues from her influential resort collection for Celine, designers sent out a cavalcade of camel coats. Hannah MacGibbon's take for ChloƩ has an oversize menswear vibe.

#4. a shearling

Goodbye biker jacket, hello shearling aviator. Reed Krakoff's debut signature collection was long on strong outerwear; this butterscotch leather number was the flyest of the bunch.

#5. statement gloves

Basic black leather just won't do this Fall. Rodarte's Kate and Laura Mulleavy got arts-and-craftsy, stitching together their driving gloves from cut leather and hand-tatted lace.

#6. a fur bag

So much for the global economic recession. The fur was flying on the runways like it rarely has before. Marc by Marc Jacobs' lamb fur bag is one way to get the look without breaking the bank.

#7. short, cuffed jeans

Who needs another pair of jeans? You do, if you don't have Isabel Marant's capri-length, cuffed denim. Accessorize with equally fifties-ish pointy-toed pumps, varsity jacket, dangly earrings, and a high, bouncy ponytail.

#8. a cropped sweater

Dries Van Noten's slashed-sleeve, slouchy sweatshirt came in a close second, but our vote for Fall's must-have topper goes to the cropped sweater that popped up at downtowner favorites Proenza Schouler. Better register for that Core Fusion class stat.

#9. a longer skirt

Designer newcomers Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen of The Row are getting behind the new longer skirt length, and where fashion influencers like these two go, others are sure to follow.

#10. a double-breasted jacket

Trouser suits were everywhere this season, but the smart money is on Bottega Veneta. Tomas Maier's double-breasted navy two-piecer is brilliantly simple and simply timeless.

Patron..Henney..Remy...Skyy High

Official Video...Young Jeezy "Bag Music"

Monday, March 29, 2010

Official Big Lou Interview...

Yes People..Its Your Favorite Pretty B Co-Host w/ DJ Alamo of Swat Team DJs...

Here is the Official Big Lou Interview on

"Come Here Rude Boy Boy "

Rihanna on Alan Carr Chatty Man...She Look a little Crazy, but I F wit Rhi-Rhi

Liquor Beef..??? Circoc VS "Georgi Vodka"

Passion for Fashion Casting Call


H2Mi (How to Make It) Presents A Press Casting Party In New York/NJ

Fashion/Music/Models.....Calling All Talent..Come Out and And Show Your Talent


212 AVE A (btwn 13th-14th St.) New York, NY

No Cover, No Dress Code, But Neat 1/2 priced 10pm-12am

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Something Exclusive From the Fur King

Production Live; Polo King of Fur from Mixture Mag Party!
Uploaded by ProductionLive. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online.

Feb 13th All Black 25th B-Day Bash..

Tikizia Night Club Trenton NJ
Check for More Pics at

Whats New in 2010

Wow...Where Do I begin..So Much has happened since Dec 31, 2009..First Things First..Happy New Year hope Everyone is still Holding on to their New Year Resolutions...Well I am Officially a "Young Woman"...The BIG 25 has come and gone Feb 19th..Thank You Everyone who wished me Happy Birthday, as well as attended the All Black 25th Birthday Bash...That was the first for Pretty Business and it has definitely been keeping me busy...Preparing for More...Make Sure you Stay In Tune..Its Only Great Things To Come when YOu Mix Pretty With Business...=}