Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hip Hop Karaoke ..

The Jayhummy Team is in the Building at the Hip Hop Karaoke...Meet us there Thursday April 29th SkyBox Lounge..I Might just have to show yall how much I love Hip Hop...lol

FREE ENTRY...Signup @ 9pm....Show Starts @10pm..Performers get a Free Drink..=}

Special Guest Naughty By Nature

Friday, April 23, 2010

Rhi-Rhi Falls on Stage

I Love Me some Rhi-Rhi...but Damnn...That head definitely got in the way of this mishap...lol

Skyy High f/ Ru Spits Big Butts

Big Shout to My Irvington Gzzz..Skyy High feat Ru Spits..



When In doubt..Steal a Rolex...lol

So Miss Lindsay Lohan is keeping herself busy in the tabloids...Not about her acting, or this pic thats makes me thinks she's doing drugs..but she managed to pull a Winona Ryder and steal a $35,000 Rolex watch..

According to a Source, One of Lindsay's Friends left the watch at her house by accident, and it was never returned...(Well I mean, could you blame her)..but not to mention, the "friend's" careless acts..Like its not a $35,000 Watch...So anyway shes accusing Lindsay of keeping the Rolex or knows where it is instead of getting off her lazy a** to get her watch back herself....

Of course Miss Lohans' Lawyer have denied the whole incident, but Im sure "friend" learned a $35,000 lesson..

Big Ooh...Right or Wrong

I added this video b/c I f*cks wit Ooh heavy..not to mention my Fellow Jahyummy member directed the video...Big Shout to Dre and Ooh...Make sure you keep up with all of their moves..



Friday, April 16, 2010

A Moment with Ericka Pressley..

I think about my Blog, and I question the real purpose of it...I do post things that interest me, But thinking about the "promotional" aspect, I tend to put the reader first and not comment as much.. Well...as of now..My blog will be based around my thoughts both positive and negative about Whatever Topic, Fashion Get up, Designer, whatever I Post...lol


I recorded my show today..Of course it aired 30 min later than expected, not completely my fault, but i didnt complain one bit..lol..I wasnt too nervous, because a lot of other things were on my mind, but everything was coming from within,I wanted to base the show off my Personality, and how well I can connect with the audience. I wanted to get comfortable in front of the camera, to make it feel like a natural process. I was too pleased with the outcome..My guest performers "Narrow Way" set the tone for the show in a way that cant be matched or compared. I look forward to it every week and I appreciate My Swat and Jahyummy Family for believing in me to encourage the Ericka P Show..=} DJ Smoke To Be Exact...=} but Im Here..We Here..Only can Go Up with the Stuff We are Working With..

Im Up..lol Being Constructive with my time..I Need to finish Reading...Good Night Luvs..More Personal Blog Posts Coming Soon...=}

Tuesday, April 13, 2010