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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Kandi Burruss Officially Engaged

FreddyO: Kandi Burruss reality star of Real Housewives of Atlanta is finally going to be a housewife! She has announced that she is officially engaged to Todd Tucker.
Kandi and Todd met on set of RHOA as he is a Bravo producer. They were engaged over the holidays, New Years to be exact and have been celebrating since. Congrats to the couple!!! Details soon to come!!

Listen to God Will'n by Juelz Santana


Video: A$AP Rocky On Molly: “I’m Kinda Scared Of It”

A$ap Rocky talks to Hot97 Cipha, Rosenberg, Kfoxx and Old Man Ebro about upcoming tour with Rihanna, album, his take on Molly & More!!!

Kendrick Lamar On “Backseat Freestyle” Visual: “Just Wanted To Give Them Something They Didn’t Expect.

Kendrick Lamar walks us through his "Backseat Freestyle" video, including how his father popped up and who is the real Sherane?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Beyonce's New Teaser Gets a Little Personal

Beyoncé’s HBO feature length documentary following the singer and created by the singer, has teased an intimate window into the woman’s life. However, the early trailers have looked at Beyoncé as a performer and star, with only hints at her roles as a mother and wife. This time around, the performer gets up close and personal, questioning who she is and what her role is in society, all while hiding her pregnancy.

Beyoncé is normally such an affable, confident-seeming woman, it’s difficult to see her without a surefooted plan or demeanor. In the trailer, she’s confused about why she’s working grueling hours and being stuffed into skintight costumes while pregnant. She seems tired and she really wants to get across that she is a human being, just like everyone else—but, you know, with that whole money and fame thing.

Don’t worry, if this trailer is a little too deep, there’s also plenty of sneak peek trailer footage available showing Beyoncé in the limelight. While each of the trailers have been fairly focused on one aspect of the star’s life or another, I’m really hoping that will lead to a balanced directorial effort overall. If not, at least there’s still the singer’s Super Bowl halftime show--with Destiny’s Child, nonetheless—to look forward to. We’ll be able to find out fairly soon exactly what the singer and actress’ documentary is like. Beyonce’s documentary is set to premiere on Saturday, February 16 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

Juelz Santana Talks About His Most Personal Track on 'God Will'n'

Vibe: The last time Juelz Santana released a solo project, George W. Bush was still president of the United States. Yes, it’s been that long. His last album, What the Game’s Been Missing!, was released back in 2005 and produced a number of charting singles, including "There It Go (The Whistle Song)" and “Clockwork.”
  Thirsty fans have waited over six years for another solo release from Dipset’s underdog-–now it’s finally time for his return. On Monday Night (Jan. 14), Juelz is set to drop God Will’n, a mixtape that the Harlem rapper says is a special gift to fans that stuck by him during his trials and tribulations. “It was about just having good, good energy around me,”
Juelz tells VIBE of recent his career obstacles. “One thing I’m not going to do is be half-ass, so I just needed to find my creative flow again.” In 2011, Santana’s New Jersey recording studio was raided by police and the rapper was initially arrested on gun and drug charges. However, all charges were eventually dropped.
In the past, Juelz has admitted numerous times that the loss of his personal studio hindered his ability to create new material. Elz told VIBE he was “spoiled” by the easy studio access, but recently regained his musical drive. “I have one song that’s definitely a crazy topic on my mixtape. It’s called “My Will.” And, it’s really me writing out my living will. “It’s not really about my last days, but it’s like 'What would happen if I die tonight," Juelz continues. “A lot young people don’t think like that because we out here living reckless, doing what we do, but we don’t think about what would happen if we pass away.”
While Santana says fans can expect a very “sentimental” track with Future, he’s certain “My Will” will resonate the most with fans. “It was just the thoughts that came into my head… those ‘Where would this go? Who would get that? How would this go down?’ I was just trying to get it all out. This song is for the fans that loved my “Who Am I” type of songs. “My Will” is going to be their favorite.

Video: Gone With the Wind Fabulous

Is This Serious???

Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s reality star Kenya Moore who claims she is mistaken for Beyonce all the time has tried her luck with a new song. Yes, ladies and gentleman it is true she is now a ‘singer.’ Check out the full performance of ‘Gone With The Wind Fabulous‘ inside.

New Music: Frank Ocean ft. Big Boi & Andre 3000 – Pink Matter (Remix)


Rihanna: Full Exposure (2013 Cover Story)

COMPLEX: Rihanna’s moving forkfuls of calamaretti fritti onto her plate at celebrity hot-spot Giorgio Baldi, her favorite restaurant in Santa Monica. Even when she’s eating, her posture stays upright like a ballerina, long and graceful.

In between bites, she explains how to take a flattering selfie for Instagram. “Get a good light,” she says, adjusting the Prada Minimal Baroque glasses on the bridge of her nose. Her heavy gold necklace slinks around the front of her black adidas sweatshirt as she turns to order spaghetti semplice from the server. “Get a good angle on what’s working for you that day,” she says with a laugh. Rihanna enunciates every word and hits every consonant, her hands dancing as she talks. “If it’s boobs, make sure you hit that. If it’s face, make sure it’s fierce.”

Today’s a good face day for the 24-year-old singer. After putting in work all week in L.A., including a signing for her new perfume, Nude, a photo shoot for a new clothing collaboration with River Island, and plenty of promo for the Grammy Awards, she’d love a chance to catch her breath. But alas, the life of the third-highest-earning celebrity under 30 offers no breaks.

She says she spent the day packing for tonight’s flight to Switzerland. “Get a good angle on what’s working for you that day... If it’s boobs, make sure you hit that. If it’s face, make sure it’s fierce.” Rihanna may be tired, but she’s always ready for a close-up. She holds the phone just so to capture her stony demeanor in the small square frame. Slick specs, diamond studs, Cuban links. She selects Inkwell. The black-and-white filter applies a grainy texture to the photo, giving it a rugged feel. This is the mood she wants to display: no smiles.

She taps her touch screen and shares the image with @badgalriri’s 4.3 million followers. Since opening her Instagram account last March, with a selfie of her blowing smoke, Rihanna has posted more than 230 self portraits. “It’s narcissistic, but whatever—everyone does it,” she says. “I’m capturing personality... Everybody has their thing they like or don’t like to see. It’s all in your head. That’s why people take their own pictures, because it’s difficult for someone else to capture what you seek.”

Rihanna is photographed regularly, whether for magazine spreads, album covers, or by the paparazzi. But when it comes to self-portraits, she’s the one in control. She projects the image of someone who doesn’t care what people think, but she's come too far to leave her image to chance. Moving 26 million albums and 45 million singles worldwide has earned her a lot of money—an estimated $53 million last year. It’s also afforded her the freedom to be as wild as she wants to be. Although it’s useful to have a direct channel to reach her fans, social media has been a blessing and a curse. Some of Rihanna’s more buzzed-about selfies are the ones she takes topless (with arms strategically placed over her chest) or with a blunt between her fingers.

And then there is the semi-nude shot she posted in December with the caption, “Who needs fashion when there’s pu$$y.” Provocative, even illicit, these are not the kinds of images a publicist would greenlight. In fact, they may have cost Rihanna her Nivea endorsement. The skincare company broke ties with her last August, explaining that she did not embody their image of “trust, family, and reliability.”

Even more controversial are the shots she posts of herself and Chris Brown, the pop-star boyfriend she broke up with after he assaulted her in February 2009—when he was 19 and she was 21. Despite a stay-away order issued by the Los Angeles Superior Court, the two have remained close friends. The exact status of their relationship remains unknown, but the takeaway from social media has been that they are hooking up again.

The couple became the talk of gossip blogs last June when Brown and Drake got into a fight over her at W.i.P., a club in NYC. In August, Rihanna told Oprah in an interview that she and Brown were “very, very close friends.” In September, they greeted each other with a brief hug and kiss at the MTV Video Music Awards. At the time Brown was dating model Karrueche Tran. In early October, Brown and Rihanna were spotted at various New York clubs and photographed together at a Jay-Z show. The next day, Brown released a statement: “I have decided to be single to focus on my career. I love Karrueche very much but I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna.” He then released a video in which he asked, “Is there such thing as loving two people?” By the end of October, Rihanna was using Instagram to send subtle signs that she and Brown were growing closer.

First she posted a shot of herself wearing sweatpants by Black Pyramid, Brown’s streetwear brand. Later that month she uploaded a photo of herself with a “miss you!” caption and, that same day, reposted a still from Brown’s latest music video. According to a Department of Justice study, roughly 1.3 million American women are abused by their husbands or boyfriends each year, and one in every four women are victims of domestic abuse at some time during their lives. Rihanna, as we all know, is one of those women—the most famous of them alive today. While many victims of abuse return to the men who abused them, almost none go through that painful process while being scrutinized in public by the world.

No wonder Rihanna requires final say over what images she shares. “People take the little bit of information they’re fed, and they draw a picture of who you are,” she says. “Most of the time it’s wrong.” When Rihanna first opened her Twitter account on October 2, 2009, it looked like any other official celebrity feed managed by a PR flack. This fueled speculation that she was just a pretty face whose every move was controlled by handlers. Around a year later, during the release of her fifth album, Loud, Rihanna got hip to the game. These days she doesn’t just send messages, she also reads her timeline, and she’s not afraid to fire back at critics.

When she posted an Instagram shot of herself at last year’s Coachella Music Festival, sitting on her bodyguard’s shoulders and rolling a blunt on top of his head, linked to the photos with a Tweet that said “Yikes.” Rihanna didn’t hesitate to tweet back that she “ran out of fucks to give.”

 That statement was retweeted over 13,000 times. Rihanna’s not the first sexy young megastar with a hedonistic bent. Madonna did most of her dirt long before the Twitter era, but as Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan have learned, the Internet is a vicious place that can turn on you with the drop of a hashtag.

Somehow Rihanna has found a way to weather all the negativity. The girl isn’t just thick-skinned, she’s fearless—and unashamed to put her business in front of 27 million followers. She makes it work for her. It isn’t enough to prove she’s not a manufactured pop star; Rihanna’s trying to be seen as the realest bitch in the game.

New Music: Justin Timberlake x Jay-Z “Suit & Tie”



Hov woke up early this morning and returned to the Howard Stern Show to promote his new book, Decoded. Speaking of which, the NY Daily News has an excerpt from the project in today’s edition. Here’s what went down.


Monday Morning Motivation by Deshair Foskey

Monday Morning Motivation 1/14/13

An EXCELLENT Monday Morning to YOU, and the people you CARE about…
Listen, ups and downs are a part of every person’s make-up. Where do you shine most is what counts, the most.

Some of us are at our best, when we are, at our best. Others, shine brighter through adversity. As long as you’re not the person who packs it up in either direction, you’re still in the game.

Stay in the game, leave your mark on the game, then CHANGE the game. Whether up or down, in the sky or on the ground… FLY HIGH!

Make your Monday Morning as productive one, and your week will follow suit!!!

Will "Deshair" Foskey is a Social Analyst, Published Author and Community volunteer. You can follow his life perspective on Twitter: @Deshair

Read his many editorials and celebrity interviews by searching: Will Deshair Foskey


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Nicki Minaj Announces Long Term Deal With Kmart

(AllHipHop News) Nicki Minaj has announced a new long-term deal with Sears Holdings, that will bring her own fashion line to Kmart and the company’s affiliate website
Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and Nicki Minaj will team with Kmart and to launch new clothing lines.

The rapper will launch a multi-department lifestyle brand, as well as an apparel and accessories collection, which will be available exclusively at Kmart and its website.
“I am so excited to work with this iconic, mass retailer and to bring affordable fashion to my beautiful barbz all across the U.S.,” Nicki Minaj said in a statement.
Sears Holdings is hoping that the affiliation with Adam Levine and Nicki Minaj will also drive traffic to their shopping destination,, which is a free membership-based that offers deals, rewards and sweepstakes.
Under the terms of the agreement, both Adam Levine and Nicki Minaj will promote to their tens of millions of combined fans and followers on social media networks.

“We are thrilled to align Kmart and Shop Your Way with two of America’s superstars,” said Imran Kooma, executive vice president and president of Marketing & Online at Sears Holdings. “We welcome Adam and Nicki into our world and look forward to capturing their energy and creativity on and translating it into unique apparel, accessories and other merchandise.”
Both branded fashion lines from Adam Levine and Nicki Minaj are slated to be in select Kmart’s before the end of 2013.

Juelz Santana Ft. Rick Ross, Meek Mill & Fabolous – Soft

Trinidad James Undresses His Image

(Sohh) Newly signed Def Jam Records rapper Trinidad James recently spoke on his eye-catching rap image and why he wants people to understand his flashy fashion tastes are authentic.
I might be the most 'Put everything on the table' type of guy in the game," Trinidad told DJ Whoo Kid when asked how authentic his image is. "It's on the table. At least in the last, since 2000. So you either gonna hate me for what you know or it's whatever, or you'll f*ck with me forever.

I don't want you to f*ck with me for some sh*t that I fabricated and then when you find out you hate me more than people who already hated me because n*ggas hate and I lose everybody and I'm over here working at Wal-Mart.

 Then all the girls I f*cked with, at the age of 37 they'll be like, 'All look, there's the 'All Gold' man! ... I don't want to be that guy, man! I don't want to be that guy.

Nobody wants to be that guy who had a song that was popping off his chain and then he just fall off because it was fake, it wasn't real. I promise you, whether it's this year or ten years down the line, when people find out you was faking some sh*t, bruh, it's the worst sh*t ever." (Shade 45)

A few days ago, G-Unit's 50 Cent spoke on the risk James took by introducing himself visually on "All Gold Everything" and taking a chance with hip-hop fans accepting him.
"You see the energy that's on the record," Fif told DJ Whoo Kid, referring to buzzing tracks like "All Gold Everything." "That record, the video was more important than the song. Yeah, what's his name, Trinidad? That was important because it felt like, 'Nah, this isn't real.' It was a risky choice because we don't know who Trinidad James is. So for the very first time, you come out looking like that, you're like, 'Does this n*gga really look like that?' When you looked at the video closer, you're like, 'Hold up. He's dead serious.' It was interesting because you'd look like, 'Maybe there is a guy out there like that,' because you're just talking about clothes at that point. Everything he had on was stylish. He had the Armani draws, he had the gold rings, the Versace slippers and you can't fake his teeth being like that. Them teeth are really f*cked up like that. He's the real Pimpin' Curly! [laughs]" ("Whoolywood Shuffle")
After initially getting amped up by Bad Boy's French Montana, James' "All Gold Everything" latest remix features a slew of Atlanta rap stars.
Trinidad James strikes gold twice with the remix to his ubiquitous single "All Gold Everything." The Atlanta rapper, who inked a $2 million deal with Def Jam, calls on three of his fellow ATLiens--T.I., Young Jeezy, and 2 Chainz. According to Diplo, there's also an extended remix with 17 verses on the way. (Rap-Up)
The rapper's manager Fly recently spoke on hip-hop needing to welcome in fresh ideas and versatility.
"We sat down with everybody," Trinidad James' manager, Fly, told CBS Local. "We went with Def Jam because it's credible. They breed hip-hop culture. And at the end of the day, the deal terms were right. ... The thing about it is, you have to be able to change. If you can't change, you're not going to grow. That's what separates the winners and losers." (CBS Local)
Check out Trinidad James' interview:

DJ Premier Names His Top 20 Albums Of 2012

DJ Premier has kept his annual tradition alive by releasing a year-end list of his top 20 favorite albums of 2012.

For this year's shortlist, Primo includes a handul of records for which he produced - Vinnie Paz's God of the Serengeti, Bumpy Knuckles' KoleXXXion, Lil Fame & Termanology's Fizzyology - as well as a handful of others. Making the cut are Roc Marciano's Reloaded, Kendrick Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d city, Rick Ross' God Forgives, I Don't and more.
Check the full list below (DJ Premier Blog via HHNM).

20. Torae – Off The Record
19. Saigon – Greatest Story Never Told Pt. 2: Breads And Circuses
18. Slaughterhouse – Welcome To Our House
17. Skyzoo – A Dream Deferred
16. Masta Ace & MF DOOM – MA_DOOM: Son Of Yvonne
15. Roc Marciano – Reloaded
14. 9th Wonder & Buckshot – The Solution
13. Public Enemy – Most Of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear On No Stamp
12. Vinnie Paz – Gods Of The Serengeti
11. Lil Fame & Termanology – Fizzyology
10. Rick Ross – God Forgives, I Don’t
09. Kendrick Lamar – good kid, m.A.A.d. city
08. Action Bronson & Alchemist – Rare Chandeliers
07. 9th Wonder & Murs – The Final Adventure
06. Sean Price – Mic Tyson
05. Wu-Block – Wu-Block
04. Showbiz & A.G. – Mugshot Music (Preloaded)
03. Nas – Life Is Good
02. DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles – Kolexxxion
01. O.C. & Apollo Brown – Trophies

Honorable Mentioning: Mayhem Lauren “Mandatory Brunch Meetings”, Fresh Vetz “The Tape Effect”, Killer Mike “R.A.P. Music”, Nutso “Behind These Bars”, Craig G. “Ramblings Of An Angry Old Man”, Big Shug “I.M.4Eva”, La Coka Nostra “Masters Of The Dark Arts”, Ice Water (aka WOADAH) “Holy Water”, Bishop Lamont “The Layover”, 1982 “2012″, Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson “Dice Game”, Large Professor “Professor @ Large”.

Meek Mill & Shyne Exchange Words Via Twitter

HipHopDX: Through his beef with Cassidy, it appears that Philadelphia spitter Meek Mill has found himself in a feud with yet another artist. Earlier in the week, the Philly emcee exchanged words with fellow rapper Shyne on Twitter after Shyne allegedly praised Cassidy’s record “R.A.I.D.”

  "Ayo @OriginalShyne I see u hate all the young niggas that's out here getting! I can't respect ya for that

A @OriginalShyne talkin about shout out 2 a nigga that's no good in the hood..I'm in my hood right now..iced out foreign whips..That's not G,” said Meek Mill in two separate Tweets made on January 6.

Shyne quickly responded to the comments Meek made via Twitter by calling out the rapper’s ties with Rick Ross who he compared to former undercover FBI agent Donnie Brasco and Ice T’s character from New Jack City.

“@MeekMill Your great wit the raps! You in the streets, ok! But your boss is Donnie Brasco! Ice T from new jack city! How u justify that,” Shyne questioned on Twitter.

After a series of exchanges, the online squabble between the two rappers seemed to settle down with Shyne saluting Meek as a “street general living by the rules of honor & integrity.”

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 1/6/2013

HipHopDX: The year starts off with Kendrick Lamar's "good kid, m.A.A.d city" leading the pack for Hip Hop on the charts, with T.I. not far behind.

T.I. and Kendrick Lamar set off 2013 by going back-to-back on the charts. After Tip's Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head had an impressively strong debut on the charts two weeks ago, he is edged out only by Kendrick Lamar on this week's SoundScan, with good kid, m.A.A.d city pulling ahead by one spot at No. 14. Further down the chart, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' collaborative debut The Heist continues to post numbers following the success of their breakout single "Thrift Shop," which was certified platinum this week. Wiz Khalifa's O.N.F.I.C. slipped further down the charts, dropping from No. 22 to 33, while 2 Chainz's Based on a T.R.U. Story bumped up from No. 47 to 39. The first week of the New Year wasn't as strong for Hip Hop as usual, mostly due to the fact that there haven't been any major releases in the past few weeks. Check below to see where this week's albums sit.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 12/30/2012

#14. Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d city - 36,000 (620,000)
#15. T.I. - Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head - 36,000 (288,000)
#21. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - The Heist - 23,000 (237,000)
#33. Wiz Khalifa - O.N.F.I.C. - 16,000 (268,000)
#39. 2 Chainz - Based on a T.R.U. Story - 14,000 (492,000)
#44. Game - Jesus Piece - 14,000 (160,000)
#49. Chief Keef - Finally Rich - 12,000 (91,000)
#62. Meek Mill - Dreams & Nightmares - 9,000 (304,000)
#73. Nicki Minaj - Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Up - 7,000 (792,000)
#125. Big Boi - Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors - 4,000 (53,000)

Alleged Sandy Hook Copycat Threatens LA Kindergarteners

The 24-year-old man who threatened to commit Sandy Hook type crimes in L.A. claimed he was hell-bent on leaving "dead kindergartners" in his wake ... yet he will not be prosecuted.

Kyle Bangayan posted threats on Facebook the same day as the Newtown shooting ... and claimed he was targeting L.A. schools ... this according to a search warrant obtained by TMZ.

Kyle allegedly wrote, "No really America, if you post one more Facebook post about the shooting at that elementary school, I swear to whatever f**king god you believe in that I will do the same goddamn thing."
The rant continues, "I have the guns, I have the incentive, and I won't commit suicide at the end, I'll just go to the next f**king school and the next and the next ..."

And he goes on ... "So I woke up this morning and said to myself ... Dang you know [what] would be really awesome right now ... some dead kindergarteners ... and Christmas early."

Kyle was arrested in L.A. after a tipster told the LAPD about the online threats -- and when cops searched his bedroom (at his parents house) they found six semi-auto handguns, two rifles and one shotgun.
Now for the kicker. Kyle was released and the L.A. County D.A. said no charges would be filed, because the threats were not specific.
A little unsettling .... don't you think?

Read more:

Sports Drama with KG. & Melo

TMZ has obtained exclusive VIDEO of the postgame screaming match between Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony following Monday night's Celtics vs. Knicks game ... and it's clear both guys were ready to fight.

The incident went down in front of the Celtics team bus inside Madison Square Garden -- just a short time after things got physical between the two NBA superstars on the court.

In the video, both men can be seen yelling and approaching each other aggressively as security scrambles to keep them apart.

It's unclear exactly what the guys were saying to each other -- but we definitely heard someone use the n-word a couple of times.

Eventually, security was able to separate the big men ... and KG boarded the team bus.

After the game, Anthony told reporters it all started when Garnett spewed some trash talk during the game that "crossed a line."

According to a source, Garnett told Carmelo outside Celtics locker room something along lines of "it's not worth wasting my money on you."

"There’s certain things that you just don’t say to men, another man,” Anthony said.

He later explained, "We both have an understanding right now ... that situation was handled.”

For the record, Carmelo is 6'8", 230 lbs ... and KG is 6'11", 250 lbs. So, we gotta ask ...

Read more:

NJSBA- Black History Month Essay Contest/Pr​ogram and Realize the Dream Video Contest/La​w Day

Emancipation and the Work of Freedom: the 33rd annual Marion Thompson Wright Lecture Series

Conference commemorates Sesquicentennial of the Emancipation Proclamation
NEWARK, NJ – The 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation will be brought into sharp focus at the 2013 Marion Thompson Wright Lecture Series, Emancipation and the Work of Freedom, Saturday, February 16, 2013, at the Paul Robeson Campus Center on the Rutgers University’s Newark Campus, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
New Jersey’s largest and most prestigious conference commemorating Black History Month celebrates its 33rd anniversary next year. The 2013 MTW conference will explore the ways in which Emancipation immediately impacted enslaved African Americans and, crucially, how the enslaved worked to free themselves. The proceedings will also investigate freedom’s wide-ranging impact on the nation at the time of Emancipation, as well as its legacy through the present. The daylong conference features award-winning historians James Oakes (CUNY Graduate Center), Thavolia Gymph (Duke University), Steven Hahn (University of Pennsylvania), and Tera Hunter (Princeton University).
Immediately following the MTW conference, the audience is invited to attend a free reception at the Newark Museum, and participate in guided tours of the museum’s’ collections of works which reflect Emancipation themes beginning at 3:30 pm. The free gallery tours will be take place at 4, 4:30, & 5pm. The reception also features live musical entertainment by The Bradford Hayes Trio.
Both the MTW conference and museum reception are FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC.
The Marion Thompson Wright Lecture Series is sponsored by the Rutgers Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience, the Federated Department of History, Rutgers-Newark and the New Jersey Institute of Technology; and the New Jersey Historical Commission/Department of State. The 2013 conference receives additional support from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities and The Prudential Foundation.
Who to contact:
Marisa Pierson

Annual State of the County Address

For over 20 years, the MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce has hosted the "Annual State of the County Address."

Please join us as our Mercer County Executive, Brian Hughes delivers his Address at our January Power Luncheon.

This sell out luncheon is an excellent opportunity to meet many of our elected and appointed officials, while hearing first-hand about happenings throughout this great County.

Register early to ensure your seats! Sponsor: Hill Wallack LLP, Roma Bank, Springpoint Foundation

Location: Stone Terrace 2275 Kuser Road Hamilton, NJ 08690

2013 Annual MLK Holiday Celebratio​n at The War Memorial

Governor Chris Christie and Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno
Invite you to the
Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission
2013 Annual MLK Holiday Celebration
3:00pm – 5:00pm
Patriots Theatre - The War Memorial
One Memorial Drive, Trenton, NJ
Performances by
Trenton Children’s Chorus
Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble
This event is free and open to the public
To register attendance, please go to

January BBI Black marketplac​e

Join us as we host our first BBI (Buy Black Initiative) of 2013! This month

we celebrate the birthday of Rev. Dr. MLK and welcome Shiloh

Baptist Church as our first 'Church of the Month.' Shiloh members

get XTRA discounts on our vendors' products and services!!!!

We have it on good authority that Shiloh CAN'T WAIT TO SHOP!!!


BBI ( Buy Black Initiative) Black Marketplace Steering Committee
609 538-9556fax

Trenton Emergency Broadcast System

Residents can SIGN UP using their personal email address.

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Love & Hip Hop New York - Recap

The third season of VH1's Love & Hip Hop, the New York City version, debuted last night and the drama was fully turnt up. Between Joe Budden, Raqi Thunda and Tahiry Jose, the OG version of the Love & Hip Hop series is trying to give Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta a run for the money when it comes to ratchetness.

The biggest storyline in yesterday's episode was the quasi-love triangle between the Slaughterhouse rapper and his friend (Raqi) and ex (Tahiri). We say "quasi-love triangle" because Joe and Raqui insist their relationship is strictly platonic. However, when Joe invites the two to his birthday party (after they had unsuccessfully tried to make peace beforehand), they commence to throwing hands after plenty of verbal jabs and a couple of ill fated attempts at playing "Truth Truth," a version of "Truth Or Dare."
Then there was another quasi-love/business triangle that involved manager Rich Dollaz, R&B singer Olivia and Erica Mena (what she do, exactly?). Olivia sniffed out that Erica and Rich were getting it in and wanted to be clear that she didn't want their relationship putting a damper on her business. Of course, this lead to one big headache for Rich. Yo, the struggle is real.
We also met Rashida Ali, advisor to Tahiry and also a "shoe consultant to the stars," which pretty much confused most people watching this episode. There was also Yandy Smith having some issues with her boyfriend, but really, most viewers were checking for the drama with the most potential for good cat fight. Just saying.

Hip Hop Wired

Nene Leakes & Greg On The Wendy Williams Show

FreddyO: The Wendy Williams Show started the new year with a bang having star of Real Housewives of Atlanta and New Normal, Nene Leakes with new fiance Greg Leakes

NJ pedophile gets life sentence in federal prison

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A Pemberton man was sentenced to life plus 10 years in federal prison on a variety of sex crimes against children.
Donald J. Jones III, 48, of Pemberton, was sentenced Monday in U.S. District, having been convicted at trial by a federal court jury in Providence, R.I., in May 2012, on charges of interstate travel to engage in illicit sexual acts with a minor, attempted aggravated sexual abuse, enticement of a minor and distribution of child pornography.
Jones was previously convicted on three occasions in the state of New Jersey for crimes against children, including child pornography and aggravated sexual assault of a child under the age of 13.
Jones was arrested by federal agents and the Rhode Island State Police on April 8, 2011, after he traveled by bus from Philadelphia to Providence, expecting to meet with an 8-year-old girl and her father. Jones communicated for nearly three weeks via the Internet and by phone with a person he believed was the girl’s father, when in fact he was communicating with federal agents assigned to the Rhode Island State Police Computer Crimes Unit/Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force.
U.S. Attorney Peter F. Neronha commented, “As prosecutors, we have no higher calling than to aid parents in protecting their children. Accordingly, I am very pleased with the life sentenced handed down today, which ensures that a remorseless, recidivist pedophile has been brought to justice. Spending the rest of his life in prison ensures that he will never, ever harm another child.”
Colonel Steven G. O’Donnell, Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police said, “In addition to preventing this particular pedophile from further targeting any more children, a life sentence sends a clear message to others that may choose to follow in the same path he did.”
According to the government’s evidence presented at trial, on March 21, 2011, Jones posted a message on an adult Internet forum seeking a parent willing to allow him to have sex with their pre-pubescent child. The message was discovered by a postal inspector assigned to the ICAC who responded, posing as the father of an 8-year-old Rhode Island girl.

Monday, January 7, 2013

PHOTOS - Gabby Union, Dwyane Wade, David Guetta Party At Liv On Sunday Presented By Hennessy V.S

Last night in South Beach, the celebrities converged at the exclusive Hennessy V.S soiree at LIV on Sunday. Actress Gabrielle Union and her long-time boyfriend, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade were spotted cuddled up in a V.I.P. booth, while popular producer and DJ David Guetta bounced around the dance floor sporting his one-of-a-kind iced out 'LIV on Sunday' chain. Actor Wilmer Valderrama, retired NFL star Eddie George, DJ Stevie J, MMG rapper Stalley, YMCMB President Macke Maine and Busta Rhymes main man Spliff Star were all in the house.