Monday, January 14, 2013

Beyonce's New Teaser Gets a Little Personal

Beyoncé’s HBO feature length documentary following the singer and created by the singer, has teased an intimate window into the woman’s life. However, the early trailers have looked at Beyoncé as a performer and star, with only hints at her roles as a mother and wife. This time around, the performer gets up close and personal, questioning who she is and what her role is in society, all while hiding her pregnancy.

Beyoncé is normally such an affable, confident-seeming woman, it’s difficult to see her without a surefooted plan or demeanor. In the trailer, she’s confused about why she’s working grueling hours and being stuffed into skintight costumes while pregnant. She seems tired and she really wants to get across that she is a human being, just like everyone else—but, you know, with that whole money and fame thing.

Don’t worry, if this trailer is a little too deep, there’s also plenty of sneak peek trailer footage available showing Beyoncé in the limelight. While each of the trailers have been fairly focused on one aspect of the star’s life or another, I’m really hoping that will lead to a balanced directorial effort overall. If not, at least there’s still the singer’s Super Bowl halftime show--with Destiny’s Child, nonetheless—to look forward to. We’ll be able to find out fairly soon exactly what the singer and actress’ documentary is like. Beyonce’s documentary is set to premiere on Saturday, February 16 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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