Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Morning Motivation by Deshair Foskey

Monday Morning Motivation 1/14/13

An EXCELLENT Monday Morning to YOU, and the people you CARE about…
Listen, ups and downs are a part of every person’s make-up. Where do you shine most is what counts, the most.

Some of us are at our best, when we are, at our best. Others, shine brighter through adversity. As long as you’re not the person who packs it up in either direction, you’re still in the game.

Stay in the game, leave your mark on the game, then CHANGE the game. Whether up or down, in the sky or on the ground… FLY HIGH!

Make your Monday Morning as productive one, and your week will follow suit!!!

Will "Deshair" Foskey is a Social Analyst, Published Author and Community volunteer. You can follow his life perspective on Twitter: @Deshair

Read his many editorials and celebrity interviews by searching: Will Deshair Foskey


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