Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Morning Motivation by Deshair Foskey

Deshair Foskey

Will "Deshair" Foskey is a Social Analyst, Published Author and Community volunteer. You can follow his life perspective on Twitter: @Deshair

Read his many editorials and celebrity interviews by searching: Will Deshair Foskey

An EXCELLENT Monday Morning to YOU, and the PEOPLE you CARE about…

Commitment is key… it is the answer to your question, “Why have I yet to reach my Zenith?” Commitment is total… Commitment doesn’t half-step. Commitment is thirsty for knowledge beyond mere goals.
Anyone could write down a grocery list and buy every item on that list, without being committed to it. Try writing a book, without commitment. Trying going back to school, without commitment. You MUST be committed to accomplishing what you set out to achieve. Or you will continue to ask the same question, “Why have I yet to reach my Zenith?” Commit yourself to a grander self…

Have yourself an EXCELLENT Monday Morning, and you’ll have an EXCELLENT Week!

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