Monday, December 14, 2009

Good News for Kelis and Baby Knight...

Nas Ordered To Increase Monthy Support Payments To Kelis To $51,000

In the summer, rapper Nas was ordered to pay a hefty month payment of $44,000 to his estranged wife Kelis for child- and spousal-support, in the midst of their divorce . Now, he's been ordered to pay more.
According to the Associated Press, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Cunningham III ordered the rapper (real name: Nasir Jones) to bump up his monthly child and spousal payments to $51,101, for a total of more than $600,000 a year to his soon-to-before ex-wife Kelis and their son, Knight.
The decision came after a two-day hearing in which the judge determined that Nas made enough money in recent months to pay additional support.
Nas' attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan , said the judge made the right decision and that despite the payment bump, Nas came out ahead in the decision because he will no longer have to pay the expenses on the former couple's Los Angeles residence.
TMZ reported that during Wednesday's (December 9) hearing, that the group were trying to reconcile in September, almost calling off the divorce, but things didn't work out.
She also reportedly testified that she has been having difficulty earning money because she is a new mother and doesn't have a lot of job options outside of the music business.
She told the court that Nas is slated to release two albums in 2010.
Earlier this month, Kelis announced that she had inked a deal with's Will.I.Am Music Group, who is distributed through Interscope. She's back in the studio, working on her next album.

Published 12/11/2009 • By Miles Bennett

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