Thursday, July 9, 2009


Born and raised October 30th, 1988, Marcel Warren (a.k.a 'BonesRecordz') started off at a young age discovering his passion for music. He was inspired in the early 90's by his older brother's ambitions on becoming a rapper. At the time, Marcel would rap, and write music often. However in 2006, he decided to take a different path, and focus on creating the beats instead. Since then he has been creating beats non-stop, sending them out to artists for mixtapes, albums etc. etc. Marcel, now has a couple of placements in process, and will continue to progress his career until he can become a full-time producer. In 2009, he has met up with some great producers, artists, and labels worldwide. He hopes to continue networking and getting everybody to recognize his talent. His favorite producers are Kanye West, 9th Wonder, J. Dilla, and Timbaland.


All beats sent are for preview only. You may not use beats in your mixtape, or other productions without consent.



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