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ExClusive Interview w/ The Fur King..



Good Afternoon Everyone, This is your Favorite Pretty B, Ericka Pressley. I recently had the opportunity to get an Exclusive interview with one of the hottest male designers in the Fashion Business ..Mr. Polo "The Fur King" ... Now PBP Gets and Exclusive interview from "The King" b/c Clearly My Little Post on the blog previously wasnt good, But its All Love over here, and We Appreciate "The Fur King" in taking time to grant us with this opportunity to Represent Him, the Way he should Be".. Lets Get into It..

Pressley: Introduce YourSelf to the World :

"The Fur King" : Hello Everybody My name is Polo Dessalines CEO of Exclusives Fashion Furs and Clothing Designer of "Dessalines Clothing" . Im From Bergen County, Teaneck NJ.

Pressley : Alright Jersey in the Building..So Dessalines..?? Thats a Pretty Unique Name, How did you Come up with that?

"The Fur King" : The Story behind The "Dessalines" Name comes from My Father who is from the British Islands by the way, He is Heavy into Black History. He gave me the middle Name Dessalines, after the late Jean-Jacques Dessalines who was a leader of the Haitian Revolution and the first ruler of an independent Haiti under the 1801 constitution. The Significance in that, is My older Brother's name is Toussant, after Toussaint L'Ouverture's ,the First Leader of the Haitian Revolution before Dessalines. Dessalines, was actually his principal lieutenant before he was captured and Killed.

Pressley : When did you realize you were into Fashion, and wanted to be a designer?

"The Fur King" : I was in the 6th grade, I bought a Polo sweatsuit and Barkley Nikes and around that time, you know Polo and Barkley's wasn't cheap, but I always wanted to look the best. I wasn't a Hustler or anything like that, I just was fortunate enough to have parents who didnt mind spending their money to enhance my fashion needs.

Pressley : So When Did you Actually Get Started with Designing

"The Fur King" : I jumped into it heavy around 1998-1999. Those were the years of my parents Passing, That really impacted my Life and My decisions and made me go hard with what I wanted to Do.

Pressley : Wow, back to back, That must've been hard. Im so Sorry to Hear about your Loss. Its a Bit of Fresh Air though to know you do this from your heart. I Personally appreciate that dedication. So What does Fashion mean to You?

"The Fur King" : Fashion means to me being exclusive with Everything. I design My Clothes based on my Lifestyle, Exactly How I move".

Pressley : "With that being said What was the First Piece of Clothing you designed.?

"The Fur King" : Wow..The First piece I made was a Suit Pant/Dress,3 Button Pullover. The Colors were Crazy, Royal Blue/Black with Some Apple Green Snake-Skin Gators.

Pressley : Now Thats What I call Exclusive..So is it Fair to say Your Genre of Designs Stands Out

"The Fur King" : Oh Most Definitely, My designs are typically Loud, and Exclusive. Although I do custom make clothes specific to the customers needs.

Pressley : How much Quality do you put in designing a piece?

"The Fur King" : I Mean I treat every Piece as it it were designed for me to wear. I do this for the Love, and Not the Money.

Pressley : What is your Thought Process that goes into designing?

"The Fur King" : Well I never went to a school for fashion, I just Naturally had a knack for it, so while I take my 2 mile Walk, I clear my mind, and think of what exclusive design I can come up with next.

Pressley : What do you feel like you have accomplished so far as a designer?

"The Fur King" : My accomplishments so far I would say being on the Front cover of "Against the Grain" Magazine, This was big for me because of the Men who graced the cover previous to me, and they were Terronce J of 106 and Park, Steve Harvey, and Scar Face. I feel like its a blessing being recognized after those great people. Another accomplishment would be My feature in E2K magazine, Latin Womens Mag, Tap Fanatic, and an Upcoming Article in Street Element on Aug 24th, 2009. Also the people that acknowledge me locally and internationally, I always appreciate that. I have a Mural painted of Me in Trenton NJ, which i feel like is a Huge Accomplishment.

Pressley : Okay Okay..Shout to My Home Town Trenton , NJ for That Mural of The Fur King :-} But Moving Along, Who is The "Fur King's" Favorite Designer?

"The Fur King" : My Favorite designer is Ralph Lauren, thats actually where I got My name "Polo" From, I relate to his old school with an up to date style. Its exactly how i like to look.

Pressley : What defines your style on a daily basis.?

"The Fur King" : You can catch "The Fur King" in gym clothes, and sneakers. I love to just be comfortable with my hoodie, unless I go to a function, then when the exclusive fashion come out.

Pressley : Okay So we are approaching the End of this Interview, My last question would be for you to tell the readers of PBP Something about "The Fur King" that no ones knows.?

"The Fur King" : Lol let me see..Well I play Tennis Every Sunday, I still Roller-Skate, Bowl and definitely Work out, I ran a baby marathon for The Boys/Girls Club the Bunker Hill Road Race in Boston, MA. I actually twisted my ankle running but I continued to do b/c it feels good to not only donate but to actually earn it.

Pressley : Alright,so that Concludes the Interview with Mr Polo "The Fur King", I enjoyed our conversation and I thank you for taking time out of your day to speak with me. Before we go, I know you have some Shout outs, and Let the People Know Where they Can Get Your Line, and follow You.

"The Fur King" : Know Doubt, Well I wanna give A Shout Out to Everyone Who Believed in Me and Everyone who is and was willing to work with me. Chubby Chub in Boston, Ericka Pressley, and Pretty Business Promotions & casting for this interview, FutureGuru100, Boss Lady Radio, Fuse Box Radio, Chase Million Ent, Prolific Ent, Magg Beats, Billy Blass Vintage Beats, Prina, Cool V @ Trunkhustlers, Krishna, Joey Pinkney, Urbansteez Mag, Ms Fallonseaborn, Felix Natal Jr, and Everybody who I forgot to Mention God Bless, Do the Right Thing and Stay Exclusive.

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Quotes From "The Fur King"

"Teamwork Makes The DreamWork"

"Trendsetter Not a Trendsweater"

"If its Not Exclusive, its Not Fashion"

"Get Ya Mind Right, Ya Time Right and Ya Grind Right"

And Remember to "Always keep it 4 Real, Fur Real"


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