Tuesday, June 2, 2009

AP The Mayor..1/2 of Full Clip

A Brief Bio of the Kid they Call Exit 7 A.P

A.P.---born in raised in Trenton, New Jersey was introduced to music at the tender age of 8. Hip-hop was an instrumental source in helping A.P. stray away from the realities of growing up in the ghetto. He began tagging along with local d.j.s and rappers learning and making his own music. In his early teens, He and a few of his friends started a rap crew, which turned into a independent label called Underworld Entertainment. They went all over the tri-state area entering talent shows, open mics, rap battles and showcases. In between time, they released over 6 compilations independently. A.P. also produced most of those projects and produced for local artists in the Trenton area as well. His passion for being Hip-hops next superstar is undeniable. He's currently shopping for a record deal and continueing to work the mix-tape circuit. His motivation is to succeed in midst of his mentors untimely death. The content In A.P.'s music is depicted from his own real life experiances, Growing up in what they call "West vietnam Trenton". So get familiar with the self-proclaimed "mayor" better known as A.P.

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More from A.P. the mayor at Myxer

More from A.P. the mayor at Myxer

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