Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Introducing Polo..The Fur King...

The name is Polo A.K.A P.Diddit C.E.O. and founder of Exclusive Fashion and Furs. His company name is, "Dessalines Clothing the Private Collection." P. Diddit is a personal custom designer, he design everything from furs, suede, linen, leather, silk, and, satin.

The company has been around for ten years and my clothing line for six. Celebrities have worn his line; but not strictly a stylist to the stars. "Polo" is a designer for whoever is serious about fashion.

Big Shout to "P. Diddit" who just recently ran the, "Baby Marathon." A fundraiser for the, "Boys and Girls Club." All the participants raised money for the kids on Father's Day. He completed a very special two mile run.

Polo is quoted to saying "These types of events are extremely big to me. Giving thanks to the community is where I like to start first"

Polo Gives Thanks to All the magazines that were willing to work with and give him a chance like, Mixture, Against the Grain, E2K, 5Star, Urbansteez, Enfluenz, Unique Styles, and Dime Piece Magazine.

Exclusive Fashion and Furs is working on special shout outs. They want to thank MySpace and all the people that are not on MySpace. Thank you for the love and finally no hating! LOL! Thank you for the comments, taking the time out too even see what Exclusive Fashion and Furs is all about, and we appreciate our team! Chase Million, my partner, friend and president of my company. Thank you sir! This man believed and stood by me thru thick and thin! To Miss Toi, my PR, may Godless you and yours. Thank you for the talent and skill to help make things happen for Exclusive Fashion and Furs. Heir 2 the streets Wally Sparks, and Frankie Blanco. Thank you for keeping me on film and TV. All the work from these two gentlemen is appreciated. To my fashion stylist, Ms. Fallon; thank you for being my hommie, and my friend. To my barbers "G" A.K.A. "The Best Kept Secret!" CEO Dre Perrian of Cut Creation, thank you man! CEO Uptown Hair Cutters, Johnny Blades CEO of the shop Lou Diamonds and the whole staff thank you for all the support. Felix Natal Jr. for my hot pics and being the best at what he does. Special thanks to all the beautiful models that wore my clothing. Coco, Milena Hayes, Finesse, Victoria, and Lady Lavalle Big thanks to Rolo the best artist in the game! Shout out too Will Kasso another paint master. Black Tie Records and Big C, thank you sir for letting me do what I do! To Steve and Mike Jr., without them would be no Furs on the end of Fashion. I thank them so very much! To all my clients Cadillac Matt, Zee, Weeder, Boston, Ace, Big Earl, Chief, Erwin, Shan Dog, Big Allen, Big Lou, Tony, and so on! Anybody that was not mentioned, please forgive me! "Don't stop, won't stop, if it's not Exclusive it's not Fashion!" Exclusive Fashion and Furs don't want to be different. Being different is just like being the same. We are into being clever! YA DIG?... LOL!

For more info you can go 2 chase the President. Or go to CEO.of You can also call 1(860) 777- 6578 thank you and God Bless!

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Fur King himself, Polo comes through on Style It Up to show us his custom fur collection. Olga Medvedev hosts this segement

Listen To The Theme Song...

The Fur King

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