Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Poet Ms Janet Dawson....

is what I want to do
flesh of my flesh
bone bent to your bone

is what this could become
if you let me
feel you
from the bottom up

is what you will become
with just one touch
without a sound

Your body,
unable to feel its self above the ground.

is what i will do to you
like a butterfly
but it won't be against your will

Nothing will go to waste

Expose yourself to me

This is more then the sexual
or the physical

Its paying favor to your mind.

Could this be a sign of better days to come,

better not count to fast
moments like these aren't meant to last

its the journey of it
that we wish to endure

a road that you can't explain
but you know.

you feel it , every time

our eyes meet

Your love is like poison
when you speak

its defines me

A diva divine
am i

The forbidden fruit
to fill you for a life time
and once over more

its time

......shut the door

Janet Dawson

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