Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MD Stand Up for Jay Murda

JayMURDA from HAZZARD COUNTY, MARYLAND. Has been rapping since age of 14, His biggest inspiration is his brother, who also rhymes. In his adolescent days, him and a few of his homeboys from the neighborhood would freestyle and have cyphers at each others houses, sometimes recording them to tapes. From there his hunger to be the best rapper out grew. Jay is quoted saying "I would write any time I thought of somethin' slick, anytime i had spare time, or heard someone else spittin "that always inspires me to write."

During his short time attending University of Maryland, He met (PRODUCER/ AUDIO/ENGINEER: CHUNG.) He helped record the first LP "LIFE, THE HUSTLE" which kinda dwindled away before they could 100% complete. b/c their main audio engineer got sent to Iraq.. After a while Jay grew tired of waiting around for someone to do something for him. He went to THE GUITAR CENTER one day and put together his own studio.. and the group BVC was produced.. They compiled an album and better half of a mixtape, along with a live performance @ "SLUGGERS BAR & GRILLE." Unfortunately Things did not work out as planned with the group, But Jay Murda is still making Moves.

JayMurda has done various shows throught BALTIMORE and BALTIMORE COUNTY; HARFORD COUNTY; DELAWARE; WASHINGTON DC; AND NEW YORK to name a few.

JayMurda Quoted "I just wanna bring something new to the game of hip-hop and bring back what its been missin' since BIGGIE, BIG L BIG PUN & 2PAC died, Lets make it happen!"


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