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A Little Insight on DJ Scoop...


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Shelly Renee - Come Over Tonight (Remix Ft. Kiotti) - DJ Scoop™ aka The Party LifeSaver

Cocoa Sarai - Birthday Sex - DJ Scoop™ aka The Party LifeSaver

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Karlhey Frederic - Work It (Mastered) - DJ Scoop™ aka The Party LifeSaver

Dex - Bottle Popper - DJ Scoop™ aka The Party LifeSaver


Name: Reynoir Lewis

Where are you from: Los Angeles, CA, Grew up in Teaneck, NJ

What genre of music do you play: R&B/Reggae/Hip-Hop/Rap….Anything I’m getting paid to play lol

How long have you been a DJ: 11 years, well 12 at the end of this one

Classic or Virtual:
Technic 1200’s, Serato, my mac book pro and a 2 TB drive with over 400,000 songs, Shure M44-7 Cartidges.

Contact Info: 551-587-3124,,

Top three songs of all time: TQ – Westside til I die, Boyz II Men – Song for mama and Donny Hathaway – A Song For You

What is your ultimate goal with your music:
To just have fun, I have been blessed to make a career out of what I love doing the most in life…in the end I just want to be a person that can help others get on top and get somewhere in their lives.

Who is your biggest influence:
DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Scratch, Jamie Foxx & Maxwell

If you could DJ ANYWHERE, where would it be:
Japan, they have such a diverse musical culture where you can play anything and people accept as opposed to other regions of the world where people only want to hear one type of music and that honestly gets boring after awhile.

What college do you go to:
The City College of New York (Harlem BABY!!!)

Whats your major:
Electronic Design & Media ( check out my work J

What's your biggest accomplishment as far as djing:
Just being able to live and support myself off of my passion. If you make your passion your job, you will never work another day in life.

What made you start: I went to a family reunion and while at my uncle’s house came across his home studio and as a little kid your curious as to what all the flashing lights are so he showed me all of his instruments and when we got to the turntables, let’s just say I was so captivated he sent me home with my own mixer and that same weekend my mom bought me my first turntables!

What distinguishes you from other DJs :
I honestly don’t know lol, I think Ima normal just working hard like everyone else, but every DJ has their own style so I guess ultimately that’s what sets us all apart in the end. The one thing I can say that makes me different is that I’m the dancing DJ, I will play a song, get on the floor and dance, I even battle people in the club, and then jump back to my set, mix it up and drop the next tune.

What type of events do you do:
I like private gigs the most because you get to meet a different crowd everytime and truly expand your style and skill set, but I cover anything I can get my hands on from weddings, to block parties to clubs to knocking down ceilings in homes (good times haha), I have even covered some Bat Mitzvahs and mixed it up live with bands at concerts (shout outs to Harlem’s Cash & The Steppaholics on that note)

What are some projects you've done in the past and what are you working on now:

Some of my old projects include mixtapes from the Group F.A.M. (from Englewood, NJ) and writing songs for an upcoming artist (Michele Gray).

My upcoming projects include a new T-shirt/Hoodie series from my clothing line called “Music.Poetry.Art.”,

My web show every Sunday at 3pm EST at, and I am in the process of putting together the first ever Tri-State Area Music Summit (not limited to 3 states lol, but it will include upcoming artists from NJ, NY, PA, CT & DE) so all artists, label reps, A&R’s, promoters and anyone interested being a part of this summit contact me asap.
Also I’m planning a little tour with No Limitations Ent. Whoop whoop to throw parties all across the south!!!

Give me a little background information about yourself hat i may have missed:

There’s someone special, she knows who she is, that I’d like to shout out by the nickname of Blueberry J…

I love to draw and paint and occasionally play my XBOX 360 (if anyone wants to get it, xbox live name is reynoirjr…we can get it the Madden, Call of Duty 4 or world at war poppin’ all day!!!!!)

Anything else you'd like to add:

i think djplaymysong should be in everyones favorite’s lol and I want everyone to have a great day after reading this and go out and do something they love to do, just take some “ME” time to yourself and just go do something for yourself!

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