Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Who/What is A Pretty B*tch

So Everyone Wants to Know..Who/What is a Pretty B*tch...

* A Pretty B*tch is A Female who is About Her Business..

* She Understands her Beautiful Appearance will Open Doors For Her Intellectual Words

*Pretty B*tches aRe Stern, Classy Women Who Handle All Assignments As if it were there last...

*A Pretty B*tch Understands That This is Business, And She is Her Own Business

*A Pretty B*tch Takes NO Sh*t, Yet Very Humble and Down to Earth

*A Pretty B*tch is Always on Time for Assignments Given, And Never NOT Runway Ready

*A Pretty B*tch is Above the REST...

*Overall A Pretty B*tch is RESPECTED....

Are YOU A Pretty B*tch????

If You Think You Have What it Takes to Become a Pretty B*tch Send Complete Contact Info Including Picture to

Send all inquiries, Casting Information, Questions or Concerns to

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