Saturday, June 20, 2009


WHO IS RUDY MOOSE? Born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey with aspirations to be a great in the world of professional football, Rudy Moose began writing his personal day to day struggles on paper as an outlet to mapping out the direction his life was taking after high school when not everything went as expected. Everyone has a plan, however, the plans and goals in the life of Rudy Moose changed course and lead to a new passion and a new focus turning his daily writing into rhymes. In time, these daily accounts and ryhmes became the music for which Rudy Moose is now known for. In the 90's, while listening to such artist as Bone Thugs N Harmony,Nas,2pac,NWA,Snoop Dogg,Onyx,Mobb Deep,Cormega,Wu Tang Clan, etc., Rudy Moose made the determination that he would create his own sound to set himself apart from what was already out there and established a unique sound and flow of his own. Although, like any artist new on the scene, Rudy Moose had his doubts about the acceptance of his creativity, but he left that doubt behind and said "Hey, If you Dont Like It Then Dont Cop It." But his audience spoke and thus the support base behind Rudy Moose grew. Rudy Moose will collaborate with any artist of any genre as long as what is created is "good music".

Rudy Moose, a part of the TST (Trenton Support Trenton) Movement is truly a force in his city with a focus on creating a voice for the city in which he grew up while making the music and sound that makes him unlike any other.

"I Just Wanna Make Good Music. So I Put My Focus,My Life, My Heart, My Love, My Soul, My Everything When I Pick Up That Microphone. And Give Yall Good Music Everytime Till I Perish. I will Not Fall. I will Not Give Up. If Another Artist Is There To Perfom And Im There, He Better Go First And Give It His All. Cause Im Shuting It Down!!! God Bless." ~ Rudy Moose Aka The Most Slept On

Make sure you check for Rudy Moose, his music, his affiliates and the rest of the TST Movement including his latest Mixtape..."Y ask Y?" Hosted by DJ Plexx and the "TST Freestyle recently recorded by Rudy Moose.

Listen to the "TST Freestyle" by Rudy Moose ---> TST Freestyle

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See more on Rudy Moose in the PBP post featuring a clip of his recent performance at The Phoenix (formerly Maxine's 2 in Trenton, NJ)with fellow Trenton artist Keyz

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