Friday, October 30, 2009

Hunting Grounds Pt 2 ..Neisha Kelly


Is an experienced lover a turn on/off? If experience is the best teacher, can you be a studious pupil? You are coming home from a long day of work when you run into a familiar face. It is raining outside and this intensifies your mood. When asked how you are spending your soggy evening you reply with a long sigh. Your mind drifts off to his ravishing body and how you would love to explore it playfully with your eager tongue.
He must have read your mind because he says I know what you want. You meet up and he kisses you ever so passionately like he has been wanting to taste your lips for a while. When your bodies intertwine it is as if you all have danced this dance before. His hands travel all over your body knownigly gently awakening all your senses. You can tell he is an experienced craftsman. An experienced lover can teach you so many new things. Take you places sexually you have yet to reach with a fumbling first timer. They say it is better to give than receive. Give me the knowledge I need to saitiate your malnourished libido.

Ladies you ever been with a guy, tried something off the hook and the first thing pops out his mouth is where did you learn that? Sit back and take notes my dear. I got this, let mama do her thing. Yet of course as always there is the minority that is turned off by such confidence and even a little bit of conceit. Cause you know what your doing it is often assumed that you experiment with everyone.

An experienced man is perceived as the Alpha Male and the question never arises about his number of conquests. It leads me to believe some are still fixated on the belief women should be submissive and never assert themselves especially not in the bedroom. Can you handle an experienced lover?

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