Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sleeping With the Enemy...Neisha Kelly

Battle of the Sexes: Would you sleep with someone your friend slept with? There is this guy that you have been eyeing for a while that you spot while out one night with the girls. Your cutie approaches and he is interested in your girl. Devastated you roll with the flow and later endure her story about their recent liaison. A few months later you spot your cutie at an eatery and he invites you to have lunch with him versus the two of you eating alone. Much to your surprise he informs you that he has also been eyeing you for quite some time. He reveals that he has always been interested in sleeping with you. After you pick your lip off the table you have to decide right now how to handle the situation. You have never done anything like this so why should you start now. You most certainly do not want her sloppy seconds. In addition, you are not flattered that he wants to sleep with you. No woman should ever be flattered that a man wants to sleep with her. Most importantly, he went out with your friend instead of you which just adds insult to your injured ego. He wants to test the waters. He wants to sample and compare. Let him compare someone else have some self respect. The male population is not so scarce that you have to recycle a man.

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