Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Style Advice for the Busy Woman...Caitlin Fair

Style advice for the busy woman (and man, every now and then!)
Ladies! More classy, less trashy!

Now being that this is my first ever blog post, let me preface this with a disclaimer!

This is all my opinion! I have been gassed up by many to believe that I have good design sense and style, as well as discretion when it comes to fashion. However, I am well aware that not everyone may agree (I guess?). In any case, I am the type of woman who more often than not will dress just to go to the grocery store, or do my hair and/or make-up anytime I leave the house. If you see me in the streets undone, there is probably a very good reason for it. With that being said, given that this is a day and age in which this phenomenon of “hating” is so ubiquitous, this is a fashion column as perceived by Caitlin Teahlyse Fair (as well as some input from a few generous yet critical friends of mine), and this is all a matter of my opinion (and relevant research!) If you don’t agree with mine, you are certainly entitled to your own!

Now, as some of you many know, every now and then I make an appearance at a night club or party, usually with one or more of my ever-stylish girls beside me. Now I for one, rarely have to check my girls upon living the house for a night out, because we all have generally good senses of what completely inappropriate to walk out of the house in. But there are times when one of us may politely (“Hell no bitch, you need to take off that snakeskin rhinestone studded cowboy hat, NOW!”) invite one of the crew to take second look in the mirror and a second reach in the closet. However, not all girls have friends as loyal and out-rightly concerned as my crew, or maybe they just don’t have the fashion know-how to even notice (usually the ill-costumed travel in packs). So with that being said, it’s about time that we all start looking out for self when it comes to our club-wear. A brief list of things that I am tired of seeing in the club:

Lace-front wigs and Synthetic Weave:

Ladies, now I KNOW, we all put a lot of effort and take great pride in our hair. Hair is kind of a big deal to us females. So PLEASE, let your hair represent you well! It’s ok to add a little here and there, we don’t all have the length or volume we might want, but let’s be practical! If you can tell it’s not yours, why would you want it? Your hair is an extension of YOU! Let it speak with you, not speak for itself!

Inappropriate attire for the given venue:
Most clubs have dress codes. Again, represent yourself well! Grown and sexy spots are NOT the venue to show off your new dunks. If you are not a pumps kind of gal, that’s fine! We all have our own steez. A nice pair of dress flats or EVEN (in some cases! Please use discretion!) dress “sneakers” are acceptable! Stylish and sleek sneakers (Example: Coach or diesel dress sneakers) can be worn in taste to a more posh club. Please don’t come in yah Tops or new J’s. That might be sexy in the supermarket, but not in the club! But be aware of what kind of club you’re going to, cocktail dresses at Katmandu are NOT!

Ill-fitting clothing (We can’t all go in each other’s closets ladies; there is NO such thing as ONE SIZE FITS ALL!)

One of the perks of being a female is getting ready with all your girlfriends. (If yah man is in his homeboy’s closet or primping with his boys before the club, you might wanna investigate that situation, I’m just sayin!) Girls can get away with borrowing a piece or two from each others’ closets! But PLEASE! If you know you don’t fit that, or ya’ll are not the same size, stop trying to squeeze yourself into clothing that was not made for your body type! All shapes are beautiful, but you gotta know how to dress appropriately for your shape and size! Fishnets on a fuller figured women may not be the best idea. All jokes aside, if your flesh id protruding out of the fishnet holes, they weren’t made for you mama! Skin tight clothing is tricky for women who are both smaller AND larger. Very thin women can look shapeless in skin tight clothing that lacks volume and depth. Flowing fabrics tend to flatter women with less curves. On the same note, fuller figured women should be careful with very fitting clothing as well. The wrong fabrics or fits can show off all the WRONG curves! Use your discretion ladies, and if you aren’t sure, ask your most HONEST friend! (*Note: Sometimes guys opinions are more deliberate and straightforward than females, because they don’t know how to lie!)

Overly matching outfits and colors that completely DON’T match (why do you look like a giant McDonald’s sign??)

This is a tricky one, because too much of either one is not good! You don’t want to look like the commonly referenced bag of skittles or box of 64 Crayola Crayons, but you don’t want to look like The Jolly Green Giant or one of the Telly Tubbies either! Matchy matchy is OUT ladies! Having the same color bottoms, tops, belt, accessories, and shoes, is NOT stylish nor creative. Furthmore, you leave room for you colors not to match up exactly. Nothing is worse than a woman trying to dress all in pink, but having 6 different shades of pink on. On the other hand, there IS a color SPECTRUM, with colors that go together all the time. Mustard yellows, scarlet reds, olive greens, browns, and beiges are all great colors to pair together. Blacks, gray, whites, with a pop of contrasting color (like red shoes and a red belt) are another great way to go. Stay away from mixing several very bright colors together unless you have a single focus pieces that ties all the colors together in the outfit.


NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY, wants to see your dogs out at the club! And who KNOWS when the last time they really cleaned that floor! There could be glass, old vomit, blood, spit, who KNOWS on that floor! So aside from it being tacky, it’s a SAFETY HAZARD! What if someone drops a mean stiletto heel right on your toe?? Ladies, if you cannot last the night in the shoes you picked out, save those for an event when you are not going to be on your feet all night! Let those be your dinner date shoes. Put them in the sit-down only category, not the dancing shoes section of your closet!

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