Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rules of Engagement.. Neisha Kelly

Have you ever been involved in a booty call arrangement? An arrangement which is sexual in nature and the terms of the agreement are that there are no emotional attachments. It is purely sexual. You are at the grocery store and you run into an old friend from high school. You all get to talking and catching up. He suggests you all exchange numbers and get together some other time. Later on that night he invites you over to his place. You all began kissing and he is caressing you and clothes seem to disappear. One thing leads to another and you are thinking he just invented sex. You all make a verbal agreement that whenever the mood strikes either of you, you all will hook up. You all see one another again and act as if nothing happened. As long as you two keep things this way the arrangement works out perfectly. I had an arrangement like this years ago it was perfect until he started going through my phone calling an male number in there and asking how they knew me. On one rare occasion I decided I did not want to be intimate with him and he threatened to burn my house down. Needless to say our contract was null and void after that incident. Every since then I have been hesitant about getting involved in such an arrangement. Now that I am older I realize that such an arrangement can be a Catch 22. You might get into this situation believing you are just in it for the sex and find yourself falling for your partner which means you both mutually agree to change the terms of the contract or ended things right then and there. They say when two people have sex at least one of them walk away with feelings. Hopefully if you are in this type of arrangement you are not the one who is left holding the bag.

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