Thursday, November 8, 2012

Become a Volunteer Today

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the New Jersey Department of Health has received many inquiries from people looking to volunteer in New Jersey's response and recovery efforts.

Any healthcare professional interested in volunteering should join the New Jersey Medical Reserve Corps (NJMRC) program.

The NJMRC Program is a statewide county-based program that is comprised of healthcare professionals and community health volunteers. For more
information, visit the NJMRC registry at

Individuals can submit an application online to volunteer for an MRC Unit where they reside or work. Once the application is submitted, an NJMRC Unit Coordinator will be in contact.
Contact information for all NJMRC Unit Coordinators in New Jersey is available online. You can contact them by email and share your interest in joining the New Jersey Medical Reserve Corps.

Contact Info: Tom Slater, DOH
609-984-7160; Email:
Donna Leusner, DOH
609-984-7160; Email:

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