Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Visit to Emiija's Hope

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending one of the weekly Girl Empowerment meetings held by MissTashanna CEO/Founder of EmiijasHope.

I was a little late, so when I arrived, I was in the middle of the girls introducing themselves and going over previous lessons learned since being at the program.  Of the many I heard, these ones in particular set the tone for what I was in store for.

Characteristics of being a woman
First Impressions Matter
Respect Yourself as a Lady
I am Not Worthless I Am Worth IT
How to Forgive
Watch how you act in Public b/c you Never know who is Watching
How to present yourself

That particular day's Topic was Anger Management, I sat quietly in the back and listened as each girl shared what makes them angry and their reaction. 

Miss Tashanna listened to each girl's story and went on to reiterate what was important in the roles and behavior of young women and the Choices they make She also made the Ladies re-share a positive reaction next time they get angry.


Next Weeks Topic : Who's on Your Bus

The mtg s are held Every Thursday at 6pm

*Keep in mind that she is dealing with girls ages starting at 13 so immaturity moments does happen but nonetheless This Program is Very Much Necessary and Informative when growing up in an Urban Environment

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