Tuesday, November 27, 2012


All are invited
• What: Get up Trenton! Children & Adults Activates and Awareness Day
• Where: A Better Way, 1040 Pennsylvania Avenue, Trenton, NJ
• When: 12-1-12, 1:00pm – end time TBD
• Why: Family & Community engagement.
Some of our special live event guests included:
• 6th Regiment US Color Troops and 1st Road Island:
• Rev. Toby Sanders:
• Jade Diva Productions:
• Earnest Expectations:
• City of Trenton-Health Department:
• Problem Child609:
• Hip-Hop Katz:
Film Fest:
• Kids Against Gangs and Bullying:
• Workout Party Hosted by YMCA:
• Black Mask Records:
• On The Reel TV& WIMG:
• The Main Event Dance Team:
Women In Power
Balance Warriors Inc.
Now is the time for the residents of Trenton to Get Up! And gather, collaborate, be entertained and accelerate this revolution toward a more kind and safe city...
and sustainable City. “The City of Trenton can only change from within.”Yolanda L. Robinson
By blending visionary speakers + films + artistry + meditation and a friendly community, you'll find the inspiration to live a better, happier, peaceful and fulfilling life. This event will entertain, inform and inspire you to live a powerful life.
Our vision is for Trenton to become a safe and sound capital of the world! Not as a vision of the future, but a vision of who we are today - right now.
• We're a community now lets Get Up and don’t be Bitter Be Better
• This event will seek to cultivate your individual mind, heart and body.
• Simply bring your good self and enjoy live talk show, concert, film screening, meditation circles and much more.
• The heart of the event is creating a friendly and supportive community our story.
• Our grand vision is for Trenton to start a Thoughtfulness crusade to become a
“Thoughtfulness Capital"; a guiding light of creativity, inspiration and peace.
Cost $1.00 for tickets or more info on event e-mail yr535@msn.com or 609-577-1173
Happy Holidays

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