Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Lil Wayne Ordered To Pay $2.2 Million

In an unexpected turn of events, Grammy Award-winning rapper, Lil Wayne has lost his lawsuit against Quincy Jones III, resulting in the rapper forking over $2.2 million to the producer, according to TMZ.

The site reports that a jury has ordered the multi-platinum MC to pay the amount based on Jones’ countersuit that argued Weezy blocked the release of the docu-flick, "The Carter 3,” leading to lost profits.

Last month Wayne made headlines with the case following the release of his June 20 deposition, which was used to the rapper's disadvantage after a "severe migraine and dehydration" caused his absence in court.

The New Orleans native originally filed the lawsuit against Jones III and his production company, QD3 Entertainment, for using unlicensed music from his 2008 album, “The Carter 3.”

So Lil Wayne let Quincy Jones' son make a movie about him, but now that the rapper has seen the documentary and hates it, he's suing Jones for using his music.

Wayne had to know that a film called "The Carter," the same name as his hit album "The Carter III," would use songs from the album.

But a spiteful Wayne, who allowed the camera crew to follow him, has now deemed the doc a "scandalous portrayal" of his career and life — and he's getting revenge with a lawsuit.

Songs used included "Lolipop," "Let the Beat Build," "A Mill" and "Dontgetit."
Wayne is suing for undisclosed damages and royalties — but mostly just to screw Jones.

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