Friday, November 30, 2012

Local Trenton Youths Dance with Mariah Carey

TRENTON — A Christmas miracle came early to two Trenton tweens who danced their way into the hearts of America and into the heart of a world famous celebrity, at the Rockefeller Tree Lighting spectacular.
“It was a real dream come true,” said Tiona Hill.  
Malcolm Wallace, 11, and Hill, 9, were selected to be back-up dancers for Grammy Winning Artist Mariah Carey during the taped performance on Tuesday night, at the world famous Rockefeller Ice Skating Rink. They were two of eight dancers selected during the auditioning process, to flank Carey during the performance.
“He held out his hand and helped (Mariah) down the stairs, during the song,” gushed Wallace’s grandmother Shirley Ward. “He said she was just like a regular person.”

The two are members of the Devastation Dance Crew, a city based hip-hop funk dance troupe. The entire “crew” of 17 members, flocked to New York City on Saturday to audition for the coveted spots to be choreographed to Carey’s famous Christmas carol, All I want for Christmas Is You; while in the shadows of the acclaimed singer and the overwhelmingly large Christmas Tree.

“He was one of 17 kids at the audition, and only 3 were called back that day,” recalls Ward. “They waited around but he was told that they could not use him.” However, to the great surprise of Wallace and his troupe manager Raquel Hill, the phone rang early Monday morning and Wallace was summon back to the midtown ice-skating ring to start working on the choreography.
Hill’s rise to dance fame is similar, she too was not orgianly selected during auditions, but was called back to perform.

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