Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I recently read somewhere that single people take longer showers than normal, quite ironic, because thats where i thought of this post..

In the wake of a tragic event that took the life of a former classmate, My mind began to muster about Death.

Death seems so Dark, so Cold, very Lifeless,  then I think about this world, and how we are LIVING in the same Dark, cold, world with Lifeless people.

Is the theory of Death just a joke? 

Growing up in the small city of Trenton NJ, 20 Deaths (as of today) for the year is not very comforting, My Mind often wonders how I will die, and with the recent killing of an innocent Young, Professional it made me question my entire lifestyle.

Vivid words from my grandmother play in my ear,  "Stay out of those Night Clubs Ericka, they are no Good".  Then I hear the news of this gentleman who was merely enjoying his night with friends when some lost soul used a gun to take his life away.

So is this what "grandma" means when she says to stay away.

We are told not to be afraid of Death, We are told to accept it as we accept birth, We are also told not to think about Death, but with Death surrounding us, How can we Not.

In light of the horrific news, I did recently decide to partake in weekly bible studies for myself, and my 2yr old daughter. I thought about how sudden Death can be,  and when it is our time to go, I want us to not be afraid, and I want us to have lived our lives in the spirit of Our Higher Being. I can only Pray that you do as well..

Id like to also send a Prayer to the Family, Friends and Co-Workers of  C/O Carl Batie  I send My deepest Condolences.

I will also pray for the Person and the Family of the Person behind the Killing, as they too have lost their child if not physically (Yet) definitely Mentally Now.

Everyone be Blessed, Be Happy, and Be Free of all Negativity... xoxoxox

Remember to #KeepItPretty

Ericka S. Pressley