Monday, November 2, 2009

The Extinction Of Romance Neisha Kelly

Is the concept of romance dead and buried? With the institution of friends with benefits is romance on the brink of extinction? What happened to going out on a date anymore? Nowadays we go over each other's house and maybe dinner gets cooked. Sex is obviously on the menu. We are turning into a society full of speed and excess. People barely know one another's last name and clothes are coming off. We have to stop moving so fast. Allow romance to take place. Try attraction, friendship, and intimacy. In that exact order. Go on a date and for once don't have sex. Let yourself be courted properly know that you are worth more than a roll in the hay. Make them prove themself worthy of your mind, body, and soul. Remember when people rounded the bases. First base was kissing, second was petting, we have moving so fast which slide past these two and go straight to third. Calm down your hormones go sit on the bench and regroup. Chivalry is alive and well. Since we are always bringing back old trends blow the dust off old fashion courting. It has always been in season it just seems we have always been rebellious and think we have outgrown it. We have gotten to big for our britches. Ladies leave him lingering for more with that unforgettable first kiss. Have more conversations. Learn about his goals and ambitions and don't be afraid to share some of yours. What happened to dinner and a movie? Ending the night with a kiss instead of a nightcap. Know you are worth waiting for. It is as if we have a backwards way of thinking sex is the priority and we anticipate everything else will come. Sex is the easy part it seems getting to know each is the part that takes work. Work is what we are afraid of. Getting our hands dirty. Think with your brain not your body. Ignore you libido for once and try a little logic. You always want to maintain a level of respect for yourself and others. Live for love not regrets.

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