Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Psychic Tendencies ..Neisha Kelly

Ladies what are 3 non-verbal signs you give a man to show him you are interested? Or signs you do not want to be bothered? I am a shy girl so non-verbal signs are an amazing way to communicate with people. I surveyed a few ladies both married and single. When a woman is interested in you she will make eye contact. She will keep an unwavering gaze on you. It will seems as if there are only two people on earth, you and her. Nothing else will even matter. If she is interested she will smile at you and not just because you are telling a funny joke. Talking to you makes her happy. She smiles often to let you know that. If you are also interested smile back. She leans toward you while talking. You have the green light. Take it before you see the signs she is not interested. Honestly, I was avoiding this fork in the road but I guess I will have to yank it out anyway. Guys after reading this take it at face value she just not that into you if: does not look you in the eye and turns her back to you when you are talking to her, runs and hide to avoid contact with you, and most importantly if you ask her out and she turns you down it is a wrap. She is not playing hard to get she just wants you to get a clue she is simply not interested. Men we hate it when you get all delusional and think we are playing a cat and mouse game. Please do not go into stalker mode. I had a situation like this I was not interested in someone and they were determined to convince me otherwise. I displayed all these signs and to this day he still thinks I am just confused about what I really want. Stop laughing ladies and gentleman his antics are annoying. Now ladies while you are laughing please keep in mind these rules both interested and uninterested can apply to men as well. Listen to a person non-verbal clues they will give you insight into what they really want or do not want from you. Don't make them say it out loud. Your ego will be stinging for days for the bitch verbal slap they give you.


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