Monday, November 16, 2009

Why do Good Guys Go Bad..??

Why do good guys go bad? Ladies have been pondering this one for years. Hopefully today's post will shed some light on this mystery. Nice guys have grown tired of being overlooked. They have felt like they are walking mats we step all over on both sides. Good brothers are not a hot commodity although they should be. For too long we have mistaken their kindness for a weakness. We find their kindness to be emasculating, players are the alpha male. I cannot get that charm school episode out of my head with Tariq Nasheed where the women overlooked the Renaissance man who encompassed the qualities in a man that so many women say they want. We do not know what we want because we are dangerously in love with assholes. Ironically, enough when good guys go bad we always say he used to be so sweet. But that is when we play him for a sucker. Karma is definitely a bitch. The dynamics of the relationship have been broken down once again by society it dates back to slavery. The good slave was rewarded with vicious, torturous, gifts. He was beaten down in front of his family. This big, strong man whittled away in front the eyes of his wife and children. If he could not protect them who could. This changed the view of the man in his woman's eyes. Nice guys are simply put not respected for the kings they truly are. Think about it you have an example of a gentleman in Ne-Yo yet here we are questioning his sexuality. Learn to appreciate such intuitiveness. Ladies we need to have some accountability in the destruction of the nice guy. We are culpable for his demise. He is suffocating slowly and revival attempts are futile. Death will become him if we do not caress his aching heart. His blood will be on our hands. We make all these justifications, excuses rather for not accepting the good brother. Somehow he is not on our level yet we will meet a bad brother and try to mold him into a good brother. What part of the game is that? I am confused by even writing that. You cannot change a man. There it is I said it. Stop trying so damn hard. Accept what you deserve a good man. We get too consume by what he drives, how much he makes, and how good he looks. Look at the bigger picture concern yourself with whether or not he respects you enough to love and care for you and only you and not a bevy of other ladies. He loves you enough to have one leading lady on the pedestal. Aren't you tired of sharing the spotlight? Shit is so messed up you know everything your getting with the bad brother and still love him unconditionally. You take that same knowledge with a good brother and those very things will render him unlovable. Stop dating these men that don't want you. Or even better who only want a part of you. Stop being flattered when a guy tells you he wants to sleep with you. That is not flattering. Cut that shit out. Use your wise mind ladies stop going off your damn emotions. Listen I am talking to you as much as I am talking to me. I have a few good men in my life and I refuse to date them. I like you have been dating men that are emotionally unavailable to me trying to change them. I need like you to change my thought process. Collectively, we must rally for the elite group of good brother left. They should not be walking around here aimlessly. But before you can join this elite group you must be elite yourself. If you are a good woman that deserves a good man at accordingly. Ladies good men are a dying breed and it is our job to save them. Do not let them resurrect among the unsavory characters that bad men are. They are getting tired and fed up. Like a woman, once they are fed up there is nothing you can do about it. Falling out of love and it's too late to talk about it. Cherish the good guy in your life before you lose him. Once he is gone you will have to live with the fact you did him wrong forever.

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