Monday, November 16, 2009

Why are Good Guys Overlooked..??

Via Facebook Kourtney Spear asked: Why are good guys overlooked?

Well Kourtney it is the year of the gentleman but the players are getting all the love. That just doesn't seem fair. Ladies wake up there are nice guys surrounding you. Why do we waste time on these men that are emotionally unavailable to us? Here's the scenario, you go out with this guy and he is a perfect gentleman he follows all the rules of chilvary. At the end of the night he is excited that he got a kiss and is content with just that. He did not try to make a move all night and now you are questioning his sexuality. What type of shit is that? Since he did not make a move on you in your warped sense of self he must be gay. You should be flattered he is into traditional courting of a lady. You command respect yet you push it away when it is given without a fight. Love is not about fighting despite what you heard. Love is as natural as a warm summer's breeze. See we have this thing where we proclaim we want a challenge. We are turned on by a man we have to fight to be with us. It is so obvious he doesn't want you but you still fight for him anyway. I am stressing this issue because I do the same thing. I have the potential to be happy but I say I am confused. I do not want a nice guy if you look at my actions and neither do you. Guys plain and simple we don't want you. We don't want you because it is too simple, too easy, and we are not used to that. You don't make us prove we are worthy of your love. You give it too us as freely as God gives us life. We don't think we deserve happiness. We deserve to be shut out and not supported by our man. Hell we will even do the unthinkable settle. So what he does want to be married we will be content just having him lay next to us for years to come. We want a man in any form and fashion even if he is only ours for a moment. Someone said to me why won't you let me love you? I didn't have an answer for him. I could not give a plausible reason why I should not honor his request. So I say it now for all of us I am sorry. Sorry nice guys for treating you like trash instead like the royalty you are. Sorry for putting peasants on the pedestal and carrying them past you. Sorry for questioning your loyalty and respect. But most of all I am sorry for not loving myself enough to see that I do deserve to be loved by a man other than God. Nice guys wouldn't finish last if ladies just put themselves first.

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