Thursday, November 19, 2009

Glory Days ...Neisha Kelly

Ever lost a love because you were stuck in the past? Never dwell
on something old, when you have something new. In life
we tend to allow the ghosts of love past haunt our present day
and even work its way into our future. We get so caught up in
what could have been we miss out on how things should be. I had
an eye-opening encounter this morning and would like you
to turn learn the lesson without the kick in the ass. There was
this sexy guy who worked in my office building who
approached me a while back. He was very nice looking had an
easy-going manner about him very down to earth. I gave him
my number and we would periodically speak on the phone. I would
make sporadic phone calls to him. We hung out two
times and that was it. At the time I was seeing this other guy I
had been dating off and on. He would pick me up from work
and come to my house all the time. Unbeknownst to me the new guy
saw all this since he lived near me and worked in the
same building. I would tell him when he asked me if I was seeing
anyone no and that I was just dating. I never gave it a
second thought. Needless to say I let the new guy go because I
was so fixated on the current guy. He would not commit to
me he kept saying if only I would change. It took too many years
and tears for me to get that shit through my head. It was
not until recently I got the case of the fuck-its and let him go.
Yet I cannot help but dwell on what could have been as I
talked to the new guy it was apparent he wanted nothing to do
with me. My ego got knocked unconscious. When it came to
we realized what a mistake we made. Never make the same mistake
twice. Never allow emotion mind drive your heart. If
you allow your emotions to fuel your decisions you will be on
shaking ground. The rational and emotional must fuse
together to create wise mind. You need them both to think clearly
and logically. Matters of the heart often defy logic.
Sometimes you have to think like a guy to get one. Men tend to
look at things from a black and white view it is either all or
nothing therefore diminishing any grey area. If a guy was in my
situation he probably would have cut the old girl off and
move on. When a situation isn’t working for you change your
environment. Never allow your past to dictate your future.
People come into your life for a reason, season, or a lifetime.
Acknowledge their place in your life and move on. We need to
possess the power of letting go. Do not try to make someone stay
that is meant to go. As T.D. Jakes says, “When people can
walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is never to be
tied to anyone that left.” Stop trying to raise the dead. Know
when it is over. Ever noticed when everyone around you it telling
you to let something go and you are holding on you are
often barely hanging on. You lose your grip instead of letting it
go you chase after the rope that will inevitably be used to
hang yourself. If people are not joined to you know that you
cannot make them stay. That was my problem and now that I
have cut myself down from the rope my eyes are open. You cannot
view the world with rose-colored glasses. You will trip
and fall over your own feet. Stop begging people to stay. LET

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