Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wife vs WIFEY...Neisha Kelly

In light of many women getting married, divorced, and emotionally scarred in the process, women would you rather be Wife or Wifey? He cares for you and is there for you always. You talk about everything he shares his hopes and dreams with you. You are always eager to hear what he has to say and he appreciates that. The two of you seem like a good fit but you all have been with each other for years. You have never been in a relationship with him. He is always in one but just not with you. Sound familiar if it is then you are probably wifey. You get all the benefits without the ring. Let me break down the difference between the wife vs. the wifey. Let's start with wifey since she has been there the longest. You have a lot of respect for her she knows about your other conquests but does not care. Or at least it appears she does not care. She almost encompasses everything you want in a woman yet you do not want to marry her. Somewhere she falls short on your list of credentials. But she worth keeping at least until you meet your wife. Your wife is everything you want in a woman and more. She knows your family and friends and you have their blessing. She does not have to compete with other women because she is the only one. Some women would rather be wifey because so many men cheat and the ring is not that important to them. Yet some women feel it is what the ring symbolizes. Unity is what they want. They are tired of wandering around aimlessly without their soulmate. It is so difficult when you are with someone for years only to see them go off and be with someone else. Knowing that you sat there and were supportive of them and their aspirations motivated them when all hope seemed lost. It is like building a house and having someone else move in. It cuts so deep the bleeding never seems to stop. I would want to be the wife. Almost doesn't count.

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