Monday, November 2, 2009

Mixed Signals Neisha Kelly

If a woman says to a man I won't have sex with you unless we are in a relationship and the two of them end up having sex is it safe to assume they are in a relationship? The answer to this question is no. The two minds must always be agreed in order to prevent a bowl of confusion. See it may be assumed that since the man agreed to sex that he understood he is now in a relationship. It all boils down the fact we must always be clear about what we want. In addition you must also listen to what a person tells you. Don't just hear what you want them to say it is a big difference. Sometimes we get caught up in the fantasy we wind up missing the truth. We develop these illusions of grandeur.

But I want to talk to my ladies right now please stop assuming that when a man sleeps with you that you all have magically developed in a relationship. Let's be frank for one a man does not have to like you to sleep with you. Learn to become a non-verbal reader. Men are logical creatures if they want to be with you they will simply let you know. We get caught up in the situation where we have this idea in our heads where we think things are headed. We get stuck in emotional mind, throwing logic and rationale out the window. Ladies I know you want to blame the man in this situation but you cannot do that without blaming yourself first. You told him I won't sleep with you unless your are my man. He never agreed to such terms. The sex did not seal the deal. Be leary of such threatening language it will scare the hell out of him and you will be in a short-lived relationship. He will be there until he has smacked, flipped and rubbed it down into boredom.

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