Monday, November 16, 2009

Rule of Three..Neisha Kelly

Would you ever lie to your current partner about how many people you have had sex with in the past? Why do poeple always say keep it real? When really they cannot handle reality? So you and your guy are having date night you are watching a movie he stops the movie and ask you how many people you have been with. He intrudes your thoughts of having sex with him that night with this nonsense. You tell him that you are not going to answer that question. He gets offended and you let him know that no matter the number he is going to be disappointed. That is when he says that more than likely whatever number you give him he will multiply by three. Because that is the rule of three. But he neglects to tell you that with guys you should subtract three from the number he gives you. In other words women downplay the number and guys overcompensate their number. Truth be told ladies we are basically caught in a Catch 22 on this one. No matter what we say they already think it is all bullshit. How fair is that? A guy himself told me he would never ask that question and will never answer that question. Now if I had said that a man would have looked at me like I had five heads with horns growing out of them. As long as your health records check out and the bill is clean what is the problem. Do you really want to know how many times your mate has gotten it in with someone other than you? What are you going to do walk up to them and shake their hand? I watched this show on time about hookers and there was this guy on there who wanted to know how many men the hooker had been with that night. Now that was strange. The truth is stranger than fiction. I just feel that question is a loaded one and I am not a fan of Russian Roulette. It just pisses me off how women are held to a higher standard than men. Separate but not equal. Every since Eve gave Adam the apple it has been hell to pay.

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