Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fashionable Foot Forward..W/ Ms. Caitlin

Style advice for the busy woman (and man, every now and then!)

Just a quick check-in! Here are some things that are no longer acceptable in the up-coming year, 2010!
Trends on the way out:

-Leggings (especially as pants)
->Substitute: sheer leggings (Sheer black leggings can add a touch of class and elegance to almost any dress or skirt)

-Knock offs! (You’re not fooling anyone!)->Substitute: Get a stylish or custom bag from a boutique that is way more affordable than a real Louis or Gucci, but just as cute, and more EXCLUSIVE, because not every other woman is carrying a knock off of the bag! (*Note: Unless its vintage, if you got it anywhere other than the Louis or Gucci store or website, and paid any less than $500 for it, its probably fake!)

-Not Accessorizing (that’s boring!) and OVER accessorizing (that’s distracting! Jingle Bells much??)
->Substitute: Accessories that compliment your outfit, but not overpower it. Figure out what you want your outfit to communicate. Casual but classy? Elegant and regal? Accessories can really change the whole message! But be careful not to use too many at once! Again, use your discretion. Two belts? Not ok. Rings on every finger? Not ok. A necklace with a shirt that has detailed embellishment at the collar? Stay away.

-Sweating your hair out!
->Substitute: Plan accordingly! If you know you in the mood to dance, plan an appropriate hairstyle that is gonna work with you, not against you! You should look just about as presentable leaving the club as you did at the door!


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