Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Love in the Club..Neisha Kelly

Gentleman's Corner: Ladies why do you dress sexy in the club only to come there and stand on the wall? You barely notice the sexy fellas in the room because your nose is up in the air. Fellas you ever been in the club and notice a sexy lady in the club and you ask her to dance and she declines your request. Later you observe her again and she is still standing there grinding on the wall or one of her girls. Even worse some of you come dressed scantily clad and are shocked when a guy comes onto you. You have all your goodies showing leaving nothing to the imagination. You get all up in arms that he made a pass at you. Ladies I am not condoning a man making a sexual advance to you but when you have everything out he is not thinking wow she has a big beautiful....brain. Leave him guessing. Men like a challenge not an easy mark. Both of the situations occur every weekend in the club every weekend. Now I am not guaranteeing you are going to find love in the club but at least go out to have a good time. Ladies men appreciate seeing you all dolled up and want to approach you. Remember men are stimulated visually and in awe of how beautiful you look on any given club night. In their minds they do not see the logic in getting dressed up just to sit alone all night. They feel you might as well have stayed home. Anti-social behavior is not cute in the club. Then some of you have the nerve to be upset that no one approached you. Shutting men down when they approach is a surefire way to get you on the she is dancing alone list for the night. Not to mention the mean scowls you have on your face in the club no one wants to talk to a woman that looks pissed off. He does not want to further piss you off. Keep a smile on your face and an open mind when enter the club. Since one would like to believe you are there to enjoy yourself. Do not distract yourself about sweating out your weave that is what ponytail holders are for. Another issue worth address is the women who come dressed to the club like they are about to perform at another club....the strip club. Now do not get upset I am not telling anyone what to wear in a club. This is after all a free country. You can wear whatever you like. Just keep in mind you will attract a certain type of attention that may be unwanted. He will approach you but his mind will be consume with trying to get you out of the club and into the bed. Some men see the club as a hunting grounds and search for their prey there. Wearing next to nothing is like a deer caught in a hunter's sight. Some women have the audacity to be offended and appalled when a man approaches them with sex on his lips as they speak to them when dressed this way. Keep it grown and sexy force him to look into your eyes when speaking to you do not let your body distract him from seeing the real you. When I go to the club I am looking to meet new people. Although I am a shy girl I am not hesitant to meet a new firnedly face. Now gentleman while I sympathize with you in both of these situations some of you are guilty as charged with coming to a club only to stand around and watching fun happen all around you. In my eyes you could have stayed your ass home. You go to a club to dance and socialize. Let your hair down a little. Wind up your waist and drop it low and get your party on. Good times are ahead of you at the club.


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