Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fashionable Foot Forward w/ Caitlin

I’m back again! Ok ladies, for those of us in school, it’s the end of the semester, Christmas is coming up, some of us are working overtime to get that little extra spending dough, we are all busy! So here are some easy tips to always stay fashionable and well put together even when your time is running very low!

Organize your closet into color combinations or pre-arranged outfits:

This eliminates the guess work! If your closet is already arranged so that you can just grab and go, you won’t have to piece outfits together from all over, saving you time! Just decide on the weather, grab one, and throw it on!

>>Staying out somewhere?

Always keep a to-go bag of travel size necessity items handy and ready to go. Stock travel size toiletry items (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, contact solution, soap), an inventory of easy to create hairstyles and the products needed to create them (you don’t want to have to be lugging around a diffuser and straightening iron everywhere! Styles like buns are easy to create with just a travel size hairspray, elastics, and some bobby pins), and versatile shoes (dress flats are good, because they are comfortable and practical but can still style up an outfit!)

Pick out your clothes the night before: Although at the end of the day, sometimes we just wanna have our glass of wine and collapse into the warm soft bed, but I for one, would rather STAY in that bed an extra 20 minute in the morning then get in a few minutes earlier! Picking out your outfit the night before ensures that you won’t run late because you can’t decide what to wear, or can’t find that one shirt you had wanted. Lay your clothes out so all the pieces are there together and you just have to put them on in the morning and go!

>> On a budget? Instead of buying lots of clothes, keep an inventory of basics (sweaters, blouses, long and short sleeve dress tee-shirts) and buy different scarves to compliment them. The weather is getting colder, so many of us will be wearing coats anyway, hiding your outfit a majority of the day. A fun scarf is a great way to accent any outfit and male sure you stand out in the crowd. Just make sure that it still matches your coat! Nothing is tackier than a coat that has nothing to with anything else you have on!

Don’t over think it.

Stay with easy but stylish outfits:
-Pick basic solids (black, brown, white, beige…) and pair it with one bright or different color item such as a cardigan, scarf, shoes, hat, or bag. One small accessory can add just the right touch to complete and outfit.

-Pick ONE print. It’s easy to mess up an outfit when trying to combine too many prints and colors. If you have a print piece such as a blouse or scarf you want to wear, let that piece be the focus piece to avoid over-stimulation. You don’t want to look like there is a carnival happening all over your body. Match that print with the basic colors involved. Jeans and a black blazer, black pants and a muted cardigan, brown skirt and beige blouse, are all good combination examples that will help highlight a nice print piece.

Hope you all find these tips helpful in this busy season, and stay stylin!

Do you have any style questions that you want answered? Email me at and I will be sure to address your questions in the next edition of Fashionable Foot Forward!

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