Monday, November 2, 2009

Modeling Biz 101

ATTN MODELS: Here is a few things that might help along the way...Please Read !!!

Supply & Demand

Control the supply and the Demand stays high-


When NO models respond to NON-Paying Fashion Shows, Castings, Auditions, Open Calls & Go Sees Advertisements-
Real & Fake companies are forced to list a monetary amount on the casting etc.

When NO models are available to work for "Exposure Only" assignments of all kinds-
Fake companies must find a budget for talent before they create any event of any kind.

(Oldest trick in the book to is to "Name Drop", 100 celebrities being present- will NOT guarantee you one second's worth of exposure, if the company hosting the event, can not PAY YOU- they will never attract A-list people.)

When you read an advertisement that ends in NO PAY remember that the people behind the ad. do not respect you! On C. L. you must elect in a drop screen to leave the pay amount empty. (It's done on purpose) NO PAY means just that!

Because REAL clients know the exact PAY amount months BEFORE the advertisement is ever placed!
They've planned the event, planned to hire models or talent months in advance!

(Oldest trick in the book, last minute, same day, next day, today, "text me" TODAY events- "Fail 2 Plan, Plan 2 Fail"- Obvious losers)

It's never TBD (To Be Determined) or TBA (To Be Announced) "CASH @ Wrap"- companies, we can not invoice cash, nor contract it! We're always paid in a check 100% of the time.
Until the potential modeling public knows how to separate the 10% ads. which are legit from the 90% which are 100% fake, we'll educated you because,

"Everything else is a joke..."

Since 1996

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