Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Audio: Joseline Hernandez Tries to defend her man Stevie J

I just Love me some @SandraRose ...Shout to her site for the info

So The Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Show decided to call Stevie J and get clarification on the Infamous Kiss.. Of Course in True Joseline Fashion decides to speak for HIM, and ends up making us more confused....

“First of all, who does that?,” said Joseline, who sounded annoyed. “Second of all, my man doesn’t even really… do you even know Lil Wayne? They don’t even talk…. where’s the hate coming from?”

Although Joseline sounds pissed, the video is indisputable evidence that the two men did indeed lock lips.

Stevie J didnt CLEARLY State that he didnt Kiss Lil Wayne, but he did Play his beats....!!!

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