Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tyrone gets into some Pretty Business with Ericka Pressley

Big Big Shout to Tyrone Chrome Miller  @Chrome3001 For Having me on His Show and Linking me with the opportunity....

#PBTV is all for Supporting, Recognizing and Exploiting Everything "Pretty" ...Meanwhile Exposing Some of the Not So Pretty (Aside from Violence) in the City..

If you are interested or Know someone who is interested in being on the Show, please email

Thank You for your Support and make sure you stay Tuned to All the shows on TRENONTIAN TV....EP


  1. E...I'm so happy and proud of you!! Keep doing ya thing and can't wait for you to get coverage of my upcoming project for Breast Cancer Oct. 28th!! KUDOS!!!

    1. xoxxo Thank you Luv...& Likewise..!!! I cant wait for us to collab