Monday, October 15, 2012

Game's Reality Show Gets Green Light, Premiere Date Revealed

West Coast rapper Game's rumored reality television show is officially coming to a television screen near you premiering around mid-November.
According to reports, "Marrying the Game" will premiere on November 19th.

VH1 continues to deepen its bond with celeb relationships, bowing "Marrying the Game" at 9:30 p.m. Nov. 19.

Reality show follows rapper the Game as he prepares to marry fiance and high school teacher Tiffney Cambridge.

Last month, Game talked about what fans can expect from his upcoming show.
"This is the reality show that you will get as close to the Playboy Channel [as possible]. I believe in humping and doing all types of sexual activities on the show, that's just it," Game said in an interview with Jenny Boom Boom. "It goes way deeper than [the engagement issues]. It's heartache, pain, tears, family, it's all in there." ("Jenny Boom Boom TV")
He also revealed how the financial gain from doing a reality show ultimately pushed him to green light the opportunity.
"We got a good lil' deal, we got d*mn near a mil, so that's what really made me do it, it's that wifey kept complaining about, you know, she's a school teacher, she makes a good six figures but she wanted some more money, man, so she talked me into doing it and she got her money and didn't really care about my end. She kept most of the money and left me with about $100 grand. She got about $900 [thousand]. So yeah, that's how it happened." ("Jenny Boom Boom TV")

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