Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Not So Normal....

Good Morning Loves, So on my commute to work I hear on Hot 97 That YMCMB's Founder
Lil Wayne was spotted Kissing Stevie J on the Lips..

Now this comes to no surprise after the first *Kiss* Incident with his "Daddy" Bird Man, but in
typical Media fashion, this was swept under the rug...

Now in my opinion, NO Self Respecting, Straight Man would Kiss another Man in the Mouth...

But then again...What Self Respecting Man would Kiss another Man PERIOD....unless related..Maybe

From what I take from this Freak Show, is They are All GAY....The Whole Industry is Nuttier
than a Fruit Cake, and if you dont believe it, then you are just as Blind as they want you to be..

(Lets not forget the Whole Mr. Cee caught in the car with a Tranny scandal....)

From Being a "Head Monster" to Kissing Boys...These are the messages that are now so Wildly accepted anyway Right....So Why not believe your favorite Rapper is a Homosexual...What would be
different if he indeed came "out"???

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