Monday, October 15, 2012

Kimmy Does it again....

Kim Kardashian got a little risque with her style on Saturday while out and about with her boyfriend Kanye West.

The reality star stepped out for an early dinner with the rapper in Miami wearing a sheer grey skirt that revealed she wasn't wearing any underwear. She paired the skirt with a black bondage-like top and silver pumps.

It's common for ladies to eschew undergarments occasionally, but to do it while wearing a see-through skirt is bold (or embarrassing if you don't mean it).

The couple ate at Prime 112 restaurant and lovingly held hands as they walked into and out of the eatery.

Lol...Jus thought I'd add That...


  1. She needs to start dressing herself again, that's for sure.

    1. Its like she wants to be the "Perfect Trophy Wife" but keeps falling short....What happened to her being a stylist