Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trenton resident is killed, 7 others hospitalized from generator fumes

TRENTON – One person is dead and seven others hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning caused by a generator overwhelmed them inside their Chambersburg home last night, officials said.
The generator was running in the basement, while a propane cooker was on and operating on the first floor of the home on the first block of Morris Avenue, Fire Director Qareeb Bashir said this morning.

“We know it was related to the generator,” he said.

The power was restored in the family's home when the poisoning occurred, Bashir said. It is unclear if the power came back after the residents become overcome by the generator's fumes.
Seven other people in the home were taken to local hospitals for treatment. Their conditions were not immediately known this morning.

A total of 14 deaths in New Jersey have been attributed to Hurricane Sandy and the days of aftermath. Two Newark sisters, ages 18 and 19, died of carbon monoxide poisoning after keeping a generator too close to their home.

And a New Brunswick man was found dead this morning in a suspected death from a generator.
Residents of the home were related to one another, but officials are still sorting out next-of-kin relationships before names can be released, Bashir said.

Firefighters and officials statewide have warned residents not to use generators operating indoors, as fumes from carbon monoxide produced by the machines can cause illness and death. City officials just last month pointed out the dangers of residents using stoves and ovens for heat in their homes during cold-weather months

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